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Having a bad evening with my lungs there playing up big time just had to ring my bell nurse getting me a nebuliser what with my cannulas and sore arms the lungs want to play as well feeling really wheezy and breathless tonight hope the neb helps

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Bless you! The nebuliser will help and make you feel better. I can imagine how desperate you feel but hang in there as everything will get better. Big hugs of support xxxx

Tracey1972 in reply to Karjade

Thanks on nebs now and then oral morphine for my pain in back etc then going try and get some sleep it's catching up with me I think and so hot in here no fans x

Karjade in reply to Tracey1972

Hope you sleep better tonight. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Take care xxx

I am sure it will give you some relief. Have you got a fan going? I always find I can't breathe in hospitals even when lungs good, because of the heat and stuffiness, and find a fan gently wafting across my face does help. Have they got you on nebs regularly every few hours? Do you know what triggered this flare up?

ONo I had a fan but they only got a few in here so someone with a high temperature needed it. They don't like u to have the to risk of germs and it is so hot in this side room but got window open only open so far but nice breeze coming through thank u all for ur support x

I have a battery operated usb fan, well, actually, I have several personal fans, and always carry one with me. I do not know what I would do without them, as my body temperature is all over the place,and always has been. I get Eczema on my face, and it flares up beetroot red, do I sit in front of a fan to get some relief.

I got a hand held one as I always hot for some reason

Redhots7 in reply to WheezyAnne

OMG WhezzyAnnie, in USA, hospitals usually COLD.

Tracey1972 in reply to Redhots7

Not here they not they boiling x

Thinking of you.

Oh Tracey you must be so fed up of it all.

I hope the nebuliser works.

Yea u could say that driving me mad docs around this morning so c what they got say should b interesting have a good day

Oh no you are having a horrible time. Hope the doctors are helpful this morning

Take care and hope you feel better soon xxx

Tracey1972 in reply to Emily-G

Thanks x

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