Does anyone use probiotics for long term anti biotic use? If so which one?

Hi there,

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience of using probiotics? And if they work. I am using a low dose of Azithromycin 3 times a week, and although I want to stop, both GP and Consultant want me to keep taking them. So my tummy is playing up, stomach aches, bloating etc and I was wondering which pro biotic was the best one, and what is the best time to take it. Just for your info I'm also using Omeprazole, (As well as all my Asthma meds) but actually I don't think acid reflux is that much of a problem. I'm hoping to stop that in another month.

Any input is welcome

R x

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  • I take acidophilus... give it a try!

  • I agree. Currently using whilst on omeprazole and a different antibiotic. Always found acidophilus useful, but it's not a cure-all - you'll probably still get side effects from the drugs but hopefully not so bad. Don't take within 2 hours of the antibiotic, otherwise it will kill the acidophilus.

  • I use acidophilus capsules from Holland & Barratt. Use first thing. Not had any problems.

  • hi i use acidophilus to as i have astma and IBS when i run out of probiotic my IBS wreaks havoc where as with i may only have one or two issues a week it can go to every day LOL GREAT FOR WAIGHT LOSS :(

  • Suggest not focussing entirely on probiotics. Getting sufficient dietary fibre is also important. The two go hand in hand.

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