Good morning everyone hope all well, it's been a while but had trouble getting on

Here for some reason, but I'm back I'm in plaster with my bad wrist in lot of pain there thinking it could b the metal work they put in so might have to have it out and talking of another operation on it been in a lot of pain with it and on oral morphine, chest not been to bad but is starting again but due the Iv hydrocortisone on 26th April back in London Rbh and I'm on 40mg steroids still can't get them down well nice to b back take care everyone

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  • It's lovely to hear from you. Glad to hear your chest is not too bad and sorry about your wrist. Take care xxxx

  • Nice to b back x

  • I hope they sort your wrist out quickly. You don't need that causing you problems, you have enough worries with your Asthma.

    Glad you sorted out the problem with this sight and you've managed to get back on. Wishing you well.

  • On about laser treatment for my eyes now got some thing in back of the eyes left from the cataract op and can't c well got new glasses as sight worse so got c what happens now x

  • Poor you, it never stops. If it's not one thing it's another. I hope they can sort it out, without too much trouble and discomfort.

  • Used to it now x

  • Take care, Hugs x.

  • Hi Tracey nice to hear from you hope they sort your wrist out for u good luck and take care 👌

  • Thank u hope u doing ok x

  • Am good thanks Tracey x

  • Glad to hear you are around again. Was wondering. Did they find out why you keep falling over? Hope you are well stocked up for the allergy season, and that your bad wrist is sorted soon.

  • No had to cancel my tests for it now on 27th as I'm back in London on 26th again for 10 days so doing it all well in there saves having to go up all the times separate times but il get there x

  • Tracye, so good to hear from you and that your lungs are a little better. Sad to hear your wrist is giving you fits. Take care 😘

  • It's great to hear from you Tracey, I've been wondering how you are.

    Sorry about your wrist, I hope it heals soon.

  • Hobyea nice to b back again had trouble getting on here x

  • Morning all off out somewhere today for my birthday not sure where my daughter has a few surprises for me lungs chesty so need to take al my drugs etc and just hope they behave well I'm out have a good day everyone x

  • Hi tracey glad your chests bit better welcome back

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