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Hi all

My respiratory consultant has prescribed me carbocisteine to try in addition to taking Symbicort 400, Tiotropium bromide and Montelukast. The pharmacist 'warned' me that they would make me sleepy (and nauseous) but the leaflet says I can operate machinery and drive etc.

I was just wondering whether anyone has taken these and if they have noticed they are more sleepy?

The consultant has also said he is "likely" to refer me to Brompton Hospital in London for further, newer tests. He mentioned something about a cross over between asthma and COPD and one of the blood tests I had was to test for a type of enzyme. Again, interested to hear if anyone has had a similar conversation with their doctor?

Best wishes!

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  • Hi I am on those tablets have been for a long time, they have never made me sleey or tired. But if you are worried just take care. Let us know how you are doing. Take care 😊 xxx Bernadette

  • Thanks Bernadette, that's very helpful. You take care too xx

  • Hi - when I first started montelukast I thought it made me a little bit headachey and tired but it only lasted a couple of weeks (and could've just been a tired headachey viral thing I happened to get at same time).

    Hope it helps 😊 xxx

  • I was prescribed carbocisteine to try and cut down on number of infections. Have had no problems with them whatsoever but have had less infections

  • I've taken carbocisteine on and off for a number of years and never had (or have been warned about) side effects. They do help me when I have a lot of thick mucus though.

  • Thank you. Do they make you cough more to clear the mucus?

  • No, not really. If you happen to cough it'll feel looser.

    When I first started taking it I asked the GP if it was toxic in any way & he said absolutely not. I've never ever heard of it making you sleepy! My stomach is dodgy but even I rarely have problems on that front.

    Good luck with it - I've had far fewer infections since being on it. Peege

  • No But I do cough a lot anyway. I get a lot of mucus when my asthma is bad (not an infection though). I take the carbocisteine to loosen and thin the mucus which makes it easier to cough up which reduces the chance of infection and makes it easier to breathe.

  • Thank you, that makes sense, appreciate it.

  • Thank you, that's helpful to know x

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