Bronchiectasis and asthma and another sickness absence review :-(

Morning folks. I had an appointment yesterday at the respiratory clinic and the nurse I saw thinks I may have both bronchiectasis and asthma. She's arranging further tests to confirm/out rule her suspicions. I was wondering how others manage their conditions- the last time I was ill with a chest infection at the beginning of January took ages to recover from as I felt really weak and tired afterwards and ended up being off sick for a month. I am also anxious as my work have called me for an "informal review" as I have had two lengthy times off sick since Christmas with chest infections. Thankfully my RCN rep *Royal College of Nursing is allowed to attend- she's really feisty and I know she will fight my corner :-)

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  • Oh dear, Flossie I am sorry to hear that. Good you found somebody caring and competent. Take care xx

  • Thanks Fran. I am feeling a bit frustrated with work as my manager is really uncaring but I'm hopeful that I will soon find work elsewhere in a hospital nearer home. I am really grateful however for the extremely competent nurse who picked up on my symptoms as well as for my 'British bulldog" aka my union rep!! I trust you're doing ok. Hugs from London :-) xx

  • Hi floss hope your ok am having same problem with my boss she is bulling me into going back to work and am not ready yet they don't like paying us while we're of but they have to pay us 6 months by law I've been of since December x

  • Sorry to hear you've been having problems too. My manager got me to ring her virtually every day I was off sick initially till one of the GP's signed me off for over a fortnight- that shut her up! Don't be bullied into going back too early. Take care xx

  • Awwww thanks am not rushing back I will go back when am ready take care

  • Sorry Flossie I was really busy with medical appointments last week I did check the website. I hope you find a suitable post. Union reps are saviours. Mine was when I was teaching in London and had this awful headmaster who kept on sending me to the works doctor at the council offices.

    Let me know how you get on

    Fran xx

  • Hi Fran. I hope you're ok- I don't like the sound of all these medical appointments you've had recently :-(

    My "informal chat" is lined up for Wednesday morning. I must admit I will be relieved once it's over. I know HR say they're there to help, but that wasn't the impression I came away with having dealt with them on previous occasions!!! :-) I will let you know what happens. xx

  • No worries Flossie, nothing new, starting proper treatment really..tests galore^^

    Informal is ok but good to have your rep there..I know what you mean..I didn't say a word and let her speak for me..Old Clare knew all their tricks..they lost with the works doctor in the end and had to accept I had a chronic illness and that's that.

    Talk to you soon xx

  • Take care xx

  • thank you :)))

  • Hi so sorry you've been so poorly. Please try not to worry about the informal chat. It should just be them talking about how they can support you. May be worth going to occupational health as I know you can get more triggers for chronic conditions like asthma etc. (This is what I'll be doing once I'm out of hospital). It's good you're taking your union rep they are amazing and will make sure things are done properly. Sorry your manager isn't the most caring you'd thing in our profession people would be a lot more understanding . Take all the time off you need as you need to be feeling well again before going back to work. Sending a big hug xx

  • Thanks Lucy. Sorry to hear you're in hospital at present. I hope you make speedy recovery and get the support you need when you return to work- I guess you're in the caring profession too? I am going to occ health next week but I'm very hopeful I'll soon get work elsewhere! Take care xx

  • Yes I'm a nurse myself. It's horrible being on the other side and I really hope you get somewhere that is mor understanding! I'm very lucky my manager is texting me making sure I'm being a good patient! Thank you I'm hoping to go home tomorrow but I'm not sure how likely now as I've needed another neb. I'm hoping you are okay and feeling better xx

  • Hope you get back home soon. Glad to hear your manager is supportive. All the best :-) xx

  • I know it's hard but try not to worry too much about the informal review, hope you feel better soon 😘

  • Thanks Lyngal- unfortunately I could get a degree in worrying! Hope you're ok xx

  • Struggling at the minute but I'm sure I'll get there. Worse folk off than me xx

  • I hope you are soon feeling better xx

  • Good Luck with your health and review. I am in a similar position, I have asthma and bronchiectasis, have now developed something else which has kept me off work since the New Year. Previous to that I did find that I needed to find a work / life balance to help manage.

  • Thank you - I really want to / need to retire! Sadly I have a mortgage to pay off before that can happen though I may cut my hours down at some point- as you say, getting a good work/life balance is key. I trust the doctors will be able soon to find out what your other health problem is xx

  • Good Luck I hope you find your balance. I have chronic rhinosinusitis - now trying to find a solution. Like you I need to work

  • I know how you feel ive had lengthy absences myself its awful feeling to ill to go work but frightened what will happen if you dont i really do feel for u

  • Thanks- it is difficult at times... xx

  • I know you will get there though

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