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I no I'm annoying but I started to have clammy skin feeling dizzy sweating sore throat hardly swallow Nealy fainting I got us this morning and started feeling really dizzy Nealy fainted had sit down for bit if I tell the doctor in healthcall that I have clammy skin feeling and sweating feeling dizzy will they send me for blood test or not or does anyone no what it could be I'm scared

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  • They best thing you can do is get medical advice,at least it will put your mind at rest. Let us know how you are xxx Bernadette 😊

  • Do u no what it could be I also have these symptoms chest pain or discomfort pain in my arm neck shoulder back nausea fatigue shortness of breath sweating dizziness

  • Hi. You see your doctor ASAP or go to A&E. it could be anxiety or a heart problem. I was in hospital with the same thing last weekend. Mine was a heart problem. I have seen previous posts and I know you do get a bit anxious but symptoms like that should not be ignored. X

  • These anxiety symptoms feelings of panic fear and uneasiness problems sleeping cold or sweaty hands or feet shortness of breath heart palpitations not being able to be still and calm dry mouth numbness or tingling in the hands or feet nausea muscle tension dizziness what was your symptoms and what did they do can u live a normal life and what treatment u got

  • I have angina and atirial fibulation ( irregular heart beat ) I'm seeing cardiologist on mon. I had pain in my cheast arm and neck, dizzy and light headed and my heart was beating very fast. It was scary but I had good care at the hospital. xx

  • Did they tell u u live normal long life what treatment u got I'm only 22 how did u find out that u got angina they don't leave needles in u in hospital do they as I can't have needles

  • At 22, whilst it is not unheard of, it is unlikely that you're suffering from Angina, unless you are a chronic alcoholic or addicted to certain class A drugs.

    It is most likely anxiety and you can live a normal life with anxiety, it takes patience, a little therapy and sometimes medication.

    But to be safe and to exclude any doubt whether this is anxiety or something more sinister, the only way to go forward, is to seek immediate medical assistance.

    I hope all that is helpful, please keep safe and get yourself checked out. Asking Dr Google about symptoms is sometimes the worst thing in the world to do, as all it does is list some of the things it may be. A GP or other Medical professional has spent a long time training to make differentiated diagnoses, something that a webpage is singularily unable to do.

    Best of luck and keep us in the loop.

  • I have got asthma but haven't been able to take my pumps in 17 days now my asthma nurse gave me a spacer to help me but it hasn't think my body not use to pumps no more what will nurse do and throat getting really tight hardly swallow now

  • That all rather sounds like your asthma and as I suggested on one of your other posts you need to be using your inhalers as much as required. You will find that using the spacer requires less effort and if you use it regulary then it will help eventually. If you are at all unsure attend an A&E department and get yourself checked over.

  • OK then I try and getting in with asthma nurse is hard as never no appointment I did try take pumps

  • Do you live with your family ? Do you talk to them about your problems ? Your ribs must be healing by now. The spacer works very well if you use it properly. xx

  • I can't seem it working just wondering if cam live normal life with angina

  • I'm 65 so I'm a lot older than you. Yes it can be treated.

  • Will I live long normal life

  • I can't tell you that no one knows how long they will live. You need to see doctor not the asthma nurse. xx

  • It said on internet that they live normal lifes when I doing stuff and walking my heart feel fast my nurse only check my peak flow meter an it fine yet I haven't took pumps so don't no why it normal for she checks peak flow meter see if fine then she said your asthma fine

  • No one is assured of a long life. However, there is absolutely no reason why you won't.

  • What will angina cool as I got asthma is it same as asthma

  • No Angina is a heart problem that is caused by a narrowing of the cardiac vessels.

    Although after listing that description it's very much similar to asthma just different areas of the body that have narrowing.

    With Asthma your airways tend to return to normal after an attack. With Angina currently there is no way of removing the narrowing.

  • It's very unlikely that you have angina you are very young. xx

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