Seeing black when I stand up

Hi guys so I'm 19 almost 20 in march so what's being happing to is that when ever I'm sitting down wether on my phone or watching tv and the second I stand up my vision gose all black and I can't see anything for about 3 to 5 seconds can you tell me what happens please I'm worried and scared that one day I may faint and sometimes it happens when I'm laying on my bed to it usually happens 2 times a day

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  • Hi no one on here can diagnose you and you need to see your doctor if you are worried. Do you suffer from asthma? x


    (transient monocular or binocular visual loss).

  • High there, that sounds like a low blood pressure thing, often occurs with relatively tall people I think, and more in one's youth, I had the same.

    Is there also a feeling of 'becoming distant from things'? - a sort of feeling as though you might collapse or faint? That's what I had. However, it's worth mentioning it to a doc in case it's a sign of something else, or indeed if your blood pressure isn't working like it should.

  • This can have a variety of causes. Only a doctor can do or arrange the tests to determine what the problem is.

    One cause can be serious, another cause could be minor one easily fixed.

  • I used to get like this. It was down to low blood pressure. Make sure you aren't cutting out too much salt in your diet. When my kids were babies I didn't cook with salt and I found I was worse. When I added a bit if salt occasionally the symptoms improved. If you are worried, speak to your doctor.

  • I don't usually have water that often that much

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