Fed up of not being able to breathe

Hi my names hayley 39 ive got vcd and gerd which affects me in the way of breathing and coughing been really ill the last month im new to this site and want to make friends and share experiences as ive just lost my dad to copd so my breathings svary been ill for 7 years so far

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  • Hi Hayley hope ur well soon sorry to hear you have lost your dad am new to this site myself xx

  • Thankyou how are you

  • Ive got vcd and gerd whats your condition

  • Hi Hayley I got rushed in to hospital in November with life threating asthma' didn't know I had was put in icu and put asleep for a week also suffer with allergies all year round and just found out am allergic to dust but I've packed ciggies in so am made up with that just getting used to inhalers really x

  • To be honest i dont think smoking matters although thats really good im a none smoker and breath like an old lady what inhalers are you on did you just get ill out of the blue

  • Hi Hayley am on fostair and monkaults tabs plus the blue inhaler I had a chest infection first that wouldn't go and it went from there really x

  • Wow thats really shocking its terrible that you can go from healthy to this isnt it

  • Ano it's scary really as they thought I wasn't gonna pull thro just so happy I made it for my 4 children xxx

  • I know i got three of my own its so worrying when they see you not being able to breatb im quite lucky mine are teenagers

  • Awwww ano very worrying my oldest is 21 she haves 2 girls herself and I have one of 18. 14 and youngestIs 8 xx

  • Aw got your hands full glad your improving

  • Awww thank you just can't wait to get back to work good night and take care x

  • I know ive been off for three weeks how about you

  • I've been of since November not ready to go back yet probably a couple of more weeks as I have bad anxiety now after coming out of icu

  • Yeah are you worrying about it happening again thats normal

  • I was at first but I wouldn't let it get like that again need to look after my self more really because I was busy working in a emi home full time looking after my children and also looking after my nan now I know I have asthma I can treat it x

  • Take it easy look after yourself goodnight xx

  • U 2 good night x

  • So sorry about the loss of your dad, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very sad time.

    I hope your health improves for you soon

  • Thankyou how are you

  • (((Hugs))) heart goes out to you. My dad has late stage dementia and I'm going through similar to you with own health problems. Have you got support? Hope things improve for you. X

  • My dad died last year but the was a time when we were both ill at same time i feel for you its so hard xx

  • Hi sarah how you feeling today

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