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Hello, I recently got told I have asthma and was given a reliver inhaler (blue one) but i am waiting on my appointment in a few days to see the nurse so she can show me how to correctly use the inhaler and my peak flow meter. I wish i could say that i am 100% new with asthma but i had it as a baby but i cant remember it and i was busy today and i had a bad asthma attack where i couldn't breathe and was choking but i didn't go to hospital or anything as i managed to finally settle it down but was wondering if anyone had some advice as for me?

Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi were you able to use your blue inhaler properly? Did it help. If you are having problems with the technique your pharmacist should be able to show you. There are also demo's on Youtube.

    Unless you have been told otherwise it is a good idea to use one puff or maybe 2 of your inhaler just before bed to help your breathing as many asthma attacks start at night. Also try using an extra pillow or 2.

    The other thing you can do is look up breathing exercises online. Oh and by the way don't forget you can breathe through your nose even if you can't breathe through your mouth! It's very easy to forget this in the panic. If you are still having problems tomorrow go to A and E as problems breathing can be a medical emergency. x

  • Thank you so much for the helpful information, i will have a look on youtube and see if i am using the inhaler correctly, i will also take your advice and use my inhaler before bed. i will also look up some breathing exercises to see if they help too. I might go to A&E tomorrow as i've got chest pains still but only midly. Once again thank you so much x

  • Just an idea ask your asthma nurse I you can have a second inhaler so you have one in your pocket and one at home, and never never never go anywhere without one😁

  • Hope you feel a bit better today ,

  • Also, look to get a Spacer. This is a plastic tube where you put the inhaler into one end, and you breath more normally (as opposed to the slightly more complicated method of breathing as you pump) through the mouthpiece of the spacer.

    Some adults think these are for children - they are not. I have two - one at home with my home inhalers and one with me at all times with my travelling-with-me inhaler. If my asthma is under control, I can usually take it direct from the inhaler if its needed but when its not being good (as now as I'm on the tail end of a month long viral lung infection which exacerbated my asthma and resulted in hospital A&E emergency visit), I have to use the spacer as I can't do the "quick" breathe required.

    You can get spacers from any pharmacist or on line. They are not expensive. My newest one was around £12 and is better than my old one! ;-)

    Good luck.

  • Easi-breathe inhalers - I have Salam? & Qvar - don't require operating a pump.

    My GP pract has always prescribed this type. Consultant looked baffled...

  • The Original Poster has a blue Reliever which is a pump and as such a spacer will be of great help.

    In your case, if they don't work for you then ask for something different - if Consultant is baffled then maybe he/she can suggest better options?

    I have symbicort as preventer and that isn't a pump and I'm so far doing well on it (but its end of a viral infection so I hope it will continue to do well for me as I get better). I have ventolin as the reliever and at the moment I really do need the spacer or I will have more of a coughing fit if I try to breathe in sharply.

  • Sorry for confusing message. I have always had Salamol Easi-breathe (blue) and Qvar Easi-breathe. Perfectly manageable & readily* available from my GP who also dispenses. (we are rural)

    * only one at a time, asking for spares is liking asking for the Moon.

    When I asked my consultant to prescribe ( to save me mammoth trip to Drs) I was given the pump type and they are much more fiddly, esp after being used to a flip top. On a recent appointment I asked him for easi-breathe and had to demonstrate mine - that's when he looked baffled.

    Thankfully I have not had problems where a spacer has been suggested to me.

    Wishing us all easy breathing x

  • Hi i was in icu in November put to sleep for a week never been so scared in all my life with life threating asthma am just getting used to my inhalers good thing that come out of this I've stopped smoking , I also didn't know I had asthma hope ur ok x

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