Impressive GP Practice Response to change in my breathing

When I first wrote on here I had attended my first annual asthma check up since being diagnosed 6 years ago with late onset asthma.

A week ago, despite increasing the doseage of my turbohaler and using ventolin I had developed a wheeze I could hear and was getting out of breath when walking on the flat to a car park.

My voice had also become quite husky and I was really tired.

I rang my doctor's practice today at 3.15 to ask for an appointment to see the asthma nurse. When I explained what I had been experiencing the receptionist asked me if I could get to the Practice for 3.30 to see a doctor!! Brilliant.

He could hear the wheeze in my chest and has prescribed a week's course of Prednisolone 5mg, 6 times a day and to go back in 2 week's time to see him again.

I've taken one tablet and already feel different.

Any comments from those with more experience really welcome as I feel I'm only just beginning to learn about asthma after 6 years.

I have a pneumococcal vaccine tomorrow. Is this still ok to have?

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  • Yes it is safe to have. It sounds like you are having an exacerbation when your breathing gets worse and your inhalers aren't help much if at all. It is standard practise to dish our steroids. If you had an infection as well you would probably have been given ab's also.

    Be aware that while steroids do help you can also get lows from them when you stop taking them.. This will pass. This is probably why they call them 'devils pills'.

    I hope you feel better very soon. x

  • I would check instructions regards taking the Prednisolone as every time I have been put on this medicine it has been 6 in one dose not 1 six times a day.

  • Gordon, whoa, that sounds like pretty strong all at once ? Definitely , check instructions and/or call pharmacist. Good advice !

  • Will check with pharmacist and also ring Asthma UK

    Thank you

  • The instructions clearly state that dosage as prescribed by doctor can be 5mg to 60mg in several doses throughout the day or as a single dose in the morning after breakfast.In my case my condition was severe and doctor even wrote on prescription for the pharmacy which is attached to the surgery to give me a glass of water and take 6 tablets straight away.So in fact I was instructed to take 30mg a day.So when you consider the dose can even be 60mg one 5mg tablet does not seem correct.

    On another occasion I was prescribed a dosage of 8 tablets in one go for 5 days then taper down 7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1.

  • That was like me. I had a nasty exacerbation of Asthma 3 weeks ago (still recovering from the fall out). My Nurse Practitioner would not let me go until I'd taken the first dose of Prednisolone before I left the surgery - all 6 tablets in one go. (was on two weeks of them!)

    Every time I've had those steroids, its always been all 6 in one go, not 1 tablet up to 6 through the day.

  • Thank you Elizabeth - your reply, along with others is really helpful and clarifies what I have to do ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

  • ChrisR65, if your doc is the one that told you to get one, yes, get one. Sounds like you have a very good doc, stay with him ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • I think your find that's 30mg that's 5mg tablet X 6 tablets = 30 . Prenisolone works really well when you have had asthma attack. There are side effects sleep disruption, makes you hyper, can make your blood sugar high. However it is the only medication that works.

    Your Doctor sounds brilliant!

  • My GP said Prednisolone would disrupt my sleep and it did!!! I had a very poor sleep last night ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด Not useful when I'm at work but having taken only 2 tablets yesterday I can already feel the benefit ๐Ÿ‘ Hopefully a week's course will get rid of the wheeze and improve my breathing.

    Thanks for your encouraging comment ๐Ÿ‘

  • Steriods help if u have inflammation in your lungs. Sometimes inhalers alone dont help so we get steriods. They help but long term use can cause a lot of side effects. Steriods will make u feel better , increase yr appetite and energy, you may gain weight and they can cause thinning of bonez . U can reaf all side effects from yr leaflet inside tablet box. But this only happens if used long term. If u have a wheeze and your inhalers are not helping then u always need to be seen by a doctor. Wheeze means your airways are tightening and you have breathing problems so u need help asap. If u go to gp they usually give a nebuliser steriods and maybe antiobotics. Pls always get help if u feel wheeze is not settling with your inhaler. Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Thank you for such detailed information as I'm still learning about asthma and managing everything.

    The predisolone is easing my breathing, I feel less tired but I'm not sleeping!!

    At least it's only 7 day course

    I appreciate your response ๐Ÿ‘

  • I usually take my 6x5mg in one go with my breakfast and have no problem sleeping..Are you quite sure you have to take them 6 times a day? It is quite strange I think..anyway glad you feel better. xx

  • That's really interesting - it says on the box

    'Take SIX daily

    Take with or just after food or a meal'

    So now I'm not sure - it says on the leaflet doctor may prescribe 5 to 60mg either in several doses throughout the day or as a single dose in the morning after breakfast'

    ??????? Confused now

  • well I am pretty sure it is 6 in one go, we all do take them so that makes 30mg..but do check with the will sleep better if you take them in one go in the morning early with your breakfast.

  • Thank you a lot / can't ask a pharmacist now till Monday so will try 6 in the morning

  • I find it better with food and avoid coffee, strong tea're welcome.

  • Thanks again

  • Chris - that instruction means TAKE ALL AT THE SAME TIME. You can swallow each one individually (I have to as I can't swallow 6 all in one go) but you take them at the same time. I take them when I have breakfast. And I'm frequently on them - at least once a year over the past 7 years and every time was told to take at the same time.

    They have never disturbed my sleep - its the asthma which does that. The 30mg is designed to reduce that inflammation in your airways as quickly as possible.

    I'm just coming out of a nasty month long viral lung infection which triggered severe asthma attack which in itself *hid* the lung infection that was building. I was rushed to A&E by ambulance as I could not breathe.

    The hospital gave intravenous antibiotics and something else intravenously which may have been steroids but I was also given those 6 Prednisolone as the morning I was rushed in I hadn't managed to take my dose (it was all rather traumatic and panicky!).

    The nurse who gave them to me insisted I take all 6 at the same time (though swallow each individually).

    So, if in doubt please contact your surgery for confirmation. There is no danger taking all in one go. It will help to reduce that inflammation which is what is needed.

    Good Luck.

  • Ive never heard of steriods being given individually its always in doses of six or eight in morn id check as they will wake u during day youll have trouble sleeping

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