This morning I could feel something immediately affecting my breathing when I stepped into my yoga class. For safety's sake I used some ventolin (doesn't happen much), and after I asked and it turned out the teacher had used some incence 2 hours before I got there. I couldn't smell anything. After I felt a lot more tired than usual, and am still recovering (2 hours later), still feel a tad chesty, and my asthmatic friend could hear it. Peakflow fine, though. Have others got such an strong reaction to incence? And does it sound like it could be fine airways?

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  • Hi Wheezycat..yes incense tickles my throat too, if it is strong it is a trigger..Glad you were fine when you got home.

  • Hi, yep incense is a trigger for me too makes me feel like something is making the insides of my lungs itch and feels like my lungs just clamp shut. People don't realise that the particles from burning things like incense are heavy and hang in the air for a long time.

  • Hi

    Incense can flare up my chest too. Some essential oils go for me as well.

    Hope you feel better soon xxx

  • I find these days I notice any strong smokes, perfumes, aftershaves in a way I didn't used to. I have also been affected by wood stoves, though that may have been fumes from the lining as much as the smoke itself. Any theatrical smoke or smoke effect. This incence was the latest, as I couldn't even smell it, but the effect was still there. Mostly it has been just temporary, but this one lasted a bit longer.

  • Please look at vocal cord dysfunction as i have this condition and its almost the same signs as asthma but comes from throat instead of chest lynx is my worst nightmare

  • Certainly worth bearing in mind, but I feel it in my chest.

  • If its in your chest its more than likely asthma as i feel strangled

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