Hi my name is Paula and I have a 7 year old daughter who has had asthma since the age of 3. Thank you for having me in your group. I felt it would be helpful to join a group of 'asthma experts' to bounce off occasionally. I find I have more questions than answers as time goes by. My daughters asthma is controlled at the moment with clenil each morning (a low dose) and salbutamol when needed. I think I'm right in saying she has non allergic asthma as her triggers are exercise, colds and cold weather.

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  • Hi nice to meet you and welcome. I am hesitant to advise how to help a young child but for an adult I would recommend using her blue ventonlin inhaler just before exercise as this might help. It would be a good idea to get her to wear a loose scarf round her nose and mouth when she goes out into the cold air. This will ensure she breathes in warm air only. x

  • Hi thank you for the welcome and advise x

  • You are very welcome. x

  • welcome to the forums. There is a wealth of experience and support here so please feel free to ask your questions and we will help as much as possible or try to point you in the right direction.

    There are other parents on here so I hope they will be able to help you. I had asthma as a child which lessened through my teens until I was symptom free for ten years (until last year). Having asthma as a child is hard as you can't always articulate your feelings or symptoms but establishing good communication with your daughter and the likes of her school will definitely help.

    I hope you find this group beneficial.

  • Hi thank you for the welcome. My husband has asthma but he didn't get any symptoms til he was in his early 20s so it's good to get the views of someone who has had this when young. She is on one puff of clenil each morning but the fact she has steroids is a concern, as I'm sure it is for all parents x

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