Can't take asthma pump

Hi there I can't take my asthma pump because it hurts when I take my puff and hold in my breath for 10 seconds it hurts I fractured my rib so now it hurting what am I meant to do and is there anything that can put on my ribs like wrap it up

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  • Do you have a spacer? If you do then another way to take inhalers is using the spacer and taking ten even regular breathes after pressing the pump instead of holding your breath for ten seconds.

  • No i dont it only hurting now because of my ribs

  • I would see if you can get one from your asthma nurse or GP. They are generally good for taking pump inhalers because it helps slow down the speed of the medicine as its released form the inhaler meaning you get more in your lungs and plus it might help with taking your meds with your ribs.

  • Am i meant to have a banage or something round my ribs to support them

  • Sorry can't help you with that part of it, for that you would need to ask a medical professional.

  • Hi. They don't bandage ribs and havnt done so for years. The best thing to do is hug a pillow when you cough or do anything that makes them hurt. You need a spacer if you can't take your inhaler properly and your doctor will sort that out for you. Hope you get better soon. xx

  • Poor you..hope you feel better soon xx

  • Will the nurse help me if i say cant take it proper because of my ribs

  • Are you at home? I mean sure they should help you, do what the others suggested and get a spacer. If you don't think you can take your meds and you are breathless you should go back to A&E. Take care xx

  • I on easy breath pump now and Yes i at home but what will my nurse Do if i tell her i cant take it proper as it hurts because of my ribs

  • they will have to arrange home visits or you will have to go in..I don't know how good is your nurse or surgery, but don't stay like this, make sure you get treatment.

  • I only cant take asthma pump proper because it hurts so cant hold breath long enough so is that what tell my nurse cant take pump proper now since fratcured my ribs

  • I understand you must tell the nurse and see what she advises

  • Will she come to my Home to help me take my asthma pump because of my ribs

  • I can't take my asthma pump proper as my ribs hurt if try hold my breath which meant to when take asthma pumps which why I gave up I stop taking them today as it not going make any difference as I ant getting enough pump into my lungs as can't take them proper now is that what I tell my asthma nurse can u faint with asthma and what will asthma nurse do will she come out to my home once I told her to help me take it my breathing got worst since fractured my ribs hurts now when take deep breath even more

  • I think everyone's tried all possible suggestions but how about this - which is your absolute most comfortable position for 'just breathing'? It could be that tilted back on pillows would work? I broke a rib on the left - yes, it bleepy hurts! - and leaning a little to the right suited me. (It doesn't last forever!)

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