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Hi There i been writing down what my blood pressure and heart rate pulse has been This the recordings Wednesday11the jan 2017 10:30pm 116 pulse rate 10:35pm after food 113 thursday 12th jan 2017 3:00pm 108 after food blood pressure 126/67 sunday 15th jan 2017 131/88 pulse 108 8:04pm blood pressure 136/74 pulse 106 11:11pm blood pressure 134/70 pulse 118 Monday 16th jan 2017 6:07pm blood pressure 136/78 pulse 102 Wednesday 18th jan 2017 7:43pm blood pressure 144/95 pulse 119 are them readings ok for a female that only 22 year old i Took all them with wrist blood pressure monitor

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  • hi. I have high blood pressure and I would say your readings are sightly high but take those readings to a doctor to get checked out. Also I was told the wrist monitors are not as accurate as the cuff monitors which you put on the upper arm. Hope that helps

  • BP okay but pulse high. That coujd be down to medication in part. Maybe mention at next routine appointment. Not sure why you are recording as that can cause anxiety

  • If u take inhalers they make the heart beat fast. Best to get bp and pulse checked by gp. It wil makel u anxious if u continuously record these and your mind might be focused o worrying about a high reading therefore making your heart rate fast. also certain medications can affect b/p and pulse. For reassurance go to yr doctor. Hope yr ok.

  • I take asthma inhalers my blood pressure after eating is 136/95 pulse 113 my boob itchy all time dont no why Could it be cancer i breathless tired all time sore throat and chest Pain sometimes Pain in shoulder headache

  • Never heard of any of those things being a symptom of cancer, but you're obviously worried, so you definitely need to see your gp just for resssurance. Anxiety will increase your bp and your pulse. Explain your fears to your gp, so s/he can put your mind at rest

  • Will my asthma nurse do that

  • I'm sure s/he will but will you believe them?

  • I don't no but thanks just wanted to make sure if my blood pressure and pulse was OK

  • Hi. Your blood pressure is very good and normal. Nothing to worry about. Best wishes xx

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