Clarithromycin & Prednisolone side effects

I've had asthma all my adult life. When I get a lung infection it gets much worse than a 'non-asthmatic'. I've recently had an infection & first took Amoxicillan (didn't work) so I was put on a course of prednisolone and Clarithromycin. It's loosened my lungs but I'm having some terrible wheezing & coughing attacks so I feel I can't get another breath and am having panic attacks? Should I go back to docs or does it take some time after completing the course for it to work?

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  • Go back to GP tomorrow as it may be that the infection has not been cleared properly. You mayd another course of steroids to help your lungs recover.

  • Investigate Probiotic Capsules to prevent chest infections! See my other posts

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