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I been left in a awkward situation with the Prescription service. I have severe eosinophils Asthma, without my medication I can die. So I tired to renew my PPC and found out that they now wont accept direct debit from me. I can just about afford the £10.40 I been paying in the past. I do not qualify for any low income and found out today that the NHS PPC have not been taking the direct debit out of my account. As a result I am now being told I need to pay them £83 up front to clear the account then only pay by Debit or Credit card up front. That I cannot do. I just dont have the money to be able to afford this. I was sent two letters stating that there was an issue with my direct debit and on both occasions I responded. I heard nothing since. I am so shocked that they left me in this situation. I cant afford my medication and I feel like they left me in a catch 22 position. If i dont take my medication I die and if i cant afford it I die. I just dont know what I can do. I dont know who to go to or ask.

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  • So I had resort to crowd funding which I feel a little silly and feel like I am begging but Its either this or if my health deteriorates to go to hospital


  • Oh how bad is that. I am so sorry, I haven't a clue what to suggest. I know what you mean about crowd funding. I truly hope someone else on this site reads this and has some practical solutions.

  • Try talking to your M.P.?

  • Yes I have done all that, but nothing come of it, i guess it needs pressure

  • Could you pay for the current prescription and try and sort out the other money owed afterwards?

  • well I do not have £83 spare to do so otherwise I would do that but either way they wont take direct debit off me so if i need a new card i will have to pay in full.

  • What about citizens advice x can they help by talking to NHS prescriptions ?

  • Sorry to be flippant when you're having such really terrible problems, but you should move to Wales. All,prescriptions free here, for all ages. I'll look up your page.

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