Feeling fed up

Ive been on the sick for nearly a month now, and im so fed up just want to go back, how do you all cope?

Hoping that my new inhaler that my gp.has perscribed today will get things back under control, but how long will i have to give it for me to know? And to top it all off ive now stained my muscles in my chest/side, possibly even cracked a rib from all the coughing. Not sure how much more i can take 😔.

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  • Hi hope you feel better soon I have changed my inhaler also after about six weeks of being ill changed from qvar100 to clencil 200 feeling much better, but just getting over a chest infection and a really bad cold. What inhaler have they put you on? Cx

  • Thanks, i had a cold followed by a chest infection also, manged to work with my cold tho, but got sent home with my chest infection. Im just so bored at home 😔. Im changing from clenil 200 to forstar, but unfortunatly my local pharmacy didnt have it in so got to collect it tomorrow afternoon.

  • hope it works ,that what up said to me if clenil doesn't work next step would be forstar.xCarolyn

  • Hi hope your new inhaler works I got changed to distant about 18monthd ago and I have had less attacks. I too am on my fifth/sixth week off sick after having pneumonia, atelectasis, exacerbation of asthma, and hypoxia. And I also "popped" a muscle in my rib cage. I am bored, and now I'm getting ratty with my family, little things are bugging me. This is the longest I have ever been off work. Get well soon x

  • Sorry predictive text my inhaler is fostair not distant xx

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