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Hi! I am looking for information. I am curious about the part small airways play in asthma. For the last few days I have been feeling rough, as if I am getting a proper head cold, but without getting one. Not yet anyway. Anyway, my breathing has felt affected, it feels heavier, and a little extra coughing, (the other night it wouldn't stop, so I used the ventolin and sucked on a strepsil. One or the other worked.) So nothing much to make a fuss about, but enough for me to notice. However, my peakflow so far as behaving normally. So, I am wondering if this could be small airways being more inflamed? Any learning out there would be most welcome. And any references anyone might have.

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  • I have the same problem that I been told that when my small airways are inflamed it doesn't show up on peak flow. This is because the peak flow meter is measure your big airways so to speak. (source asthma uk helpline). So as you can see its really depends on what airways are inflamed. Hope this helps

  • Thank you for responding. I was aware of that. I would be interested in more useful in depth information, such as comparisons of symptoms with this and the asthma we have where pf is affected. For me, I suppose, how do I know? Or, just generally, be better informed about this. It can also have indications for medicines.

  • I suggested you ring asthma UK helpline they were the ones who explain what I have said to you.

  • Hi

    There is a research paper on this topic but it's from 2001.


    I found it an interesting read.


  • Thank you, SteddyEddy. It is an interesting read. It also mentions steroid-resistant asthma. I suspect that is me, a bit. I know there was some concern expressed that I took longer than normal last summer to respond to prednisolone. Gradually I learn more.

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