Some good news... I think

So I went for an asthma check the other day, my peak flow was low but the nurse said that could be because I hadn't been for an asthma check as often as I should have. Anyway I told her how I felt that I don't need my inhalers all the time, and only take them when I need them, and the nurse took the brown inhalers off my prescription and told me to stop taking my inhalers all together unless I feel I need to take one (and if so to take my blue one). And I've never felt better, she said I may have a flare up again in the summer or in 5 or 10 years she said she couldn't be sure. But honestly I feel great, even going out in the cold it doesn't feel like someone has punched me in the chest anymore, what a relief

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  • I'm so pleased that your asthma controlled well.

  • Wonderful news. Can I just recommend you have at least an annual check up, as a double check, so that any little warning signs along the way are picked up on. Oh, but it is great news for you. 2, 5, 10 years are all possible, with little glitches due to allergies or infections. Enjoy Breathing.

  • Thats good news hope it continues xx

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