Carrying medication i.e presindolone

I carry my ventolin every where I go of course. However as I had an asthma attack away from home and didn't have my presindolone with me. Why because I think a small part of me is still in denial of not wanting to use it and or because I don't like the side effects. But need to grow up and take better care of myself.

So I am thinking that I need to add prenisolone to my kit. Now I have only what I need for each attack so I planning to carry one dose i, e 40mg. Thoughts please.

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  • I have emergency steroids and antibiotics too. I don't carry it round day to day but I always make sure I have Salbutamol to hand. If I'm unwell I add a spacer to my bag too. My thinking is that steroids don't work immediately so as long as I start them the day I need to then thats OK. To be fair if I'm unwell and near the point of needing steroids then I'm not usually far too far from home!

    If I go away, even for one night I take everything with me.

  • I do carry all my medication on every trip away from home. I was at a training day last monday when my asthma attack happen. If I been sensible I would have gone home after I had had it but I didn't. I already missed several opportunities to do this training for my new job so really want to get it down. The attack happen in the morning before lunch I stayed and to have more ventolin 2 hours later and then went home at 4 pm feeling really grim with my chest feeling more and more sore ( on a 45 minute bus journey). Took them straight away when I got home. Sometimes I think we can be our own worse enemy.

  • I used to be fine with just the Ventolin but one day during an extremely bad virus I wasn't sure if I would make it home. I had prednisolone with me and took it. It was the first time I had ever taken it and I noticed an improvement. Apparently prednisolone is absorbed more immediately than Prednisone as Prednisone has to be passed through the liver to be converted to prednisolone. I am much better now but that time where I thought I might not make it home has left its mark and I now constantly carry prednisolone in my bag. I haven't used it since I recovered from that virus but it is always there - just in case and I always ask for prednisolone not the prednisone in case I need a more immediate response. However women who may be pregnant need to consult their doctor.

  • When I was first diagnosed I hated the idea reliant on puffers, turning away when I needed a few puffs, then I realised just how brilliant I am ,very modest as well, I am living with and surviving this rotten old breathing malarkey so now I do not turn away if I need a puff in the supermarket so what . We just have to accept we are special people. Good luck and gentle hugs. :-)

  • I don't always like taking my inhaler in social settings, it depends where I am. If I am in work I tend to go to the bathroom to take it, I know it's silly, I should be able to sit at my desk and take it!

  • Thanks for that staveycat. I don't mind using my ventolin in public. It's a bit more noticeable as I use a evochamber. I am just having a rough time due to the steroids which are effecting my mood. It's back to the doctors if necessary tomorrow.

  • I always one dose of my rescue meds: steroids and antihistamines as I have so many allergies that trigger my asthma too.

  • I carry my inhalers and steriods and drink of water with me in a small lunch box in my handbag.they go everywhere with me. U never know when ud need them. Also i carry prescription with all my medications and my energency contact phone numbers.

  • I carry my ventolin and evochamber, asthma plan and now added the rescue steriods to my stuff. Out now have walked around a bit waiting for my daughter to finish a guiding chocolate workshop locally

    Breathing good just a liitle achy. Off to slowly walk back to get her then bus home.

  • Although this is s bad time of year for most of us, it's a good time to purchase a cheap funky style makeup bag/wash to accomadate a spacer and inhalers.

    We all need not to be embarrassed whilst using these as these are our life line.

    i don't want to wish our lives away, but to feel better would be fab, roll on spring....

  • Birthday season in this house + Christmas that's how we keep up our spirits til April.

  • I personally don't carry my preds with me at all times, but they are packed in my "going away kit". As for giving me mood swings what is the option!

  • Not missing the mood swings today feel much more level headed today

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