Exercising with asthma

What do you use to help? Prior to having asthma I used to run a lot and do kickboxing- sadly the running was first to suffer, even wearing a mask and using an inhaler I now have to stop regularly- this doesn't happen if I take prednisolone.

I did not go kickboxing tonight because where I do it is chilly - I a m regularly taking puffs of my inhaler which is a nuisance when you are sparring or holding the pads.

Anybody share any tips? I am more miserable than I should be because I cannot exercise anything like I used to.

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  • Speak to your gp there's not reason with the right management plan you shouldn't be able to do kickboxing and probably some running... after all being breathless and keeping your lungs going exercising is actually good for you

  • My asthma isn't so bad, and I do running, both intervals and long distance. I find that running short and intensive intervals (e.g. uphill or stairs), doesn't make my asthma as bad as long distance runs. Don't know the reason for this.

  • Well there must be a way you can continue. After all there are professional athletes who have asthma. Do you have an asthma plan? Maybe a doctors visit is called for to get it more under control? x

  • Seems from your comments that the cool / cold temperature of your exercise environment is one area to address. How about Home (or Warm Gym) located Exercise Bike while watching TV - even if this is all you do until the warmer months?

    I started outdoor cycling recently and found it has benefits for me over running (I have a tendon issue that keeps recurring when I try to run). I find cycling less strenuous than running (and admit to missing the running for that reason) but - in it's favour - it can be started as a gentle form of exercise and built up to something more rigorous over time. I find it necessary to cycle two to three times more distance than I would 'run' to get the same exercise 'fix' I need.

    Swimming may be good too, but again longer sessions than for running I imagine. Plus the distance to your nearest pool and the travel and entry costs (a few times a week) need to be considered - unless you are eligible for some cost concessions due to age or health condition. With swimming, chlorine - or whatever else they put in pools - my be an issue for some Asthma Suffers, though there are some 'smart tech' pools around the country that apparently don't have chemicals (or at least not so many chemicals) in them. However, Asthmatics are often more allergic to infections than others, and public pools (espcially in winter) may be iffy from that perspective, as many young kids carry infections and use pools weekly.

    While a recent study has indicated that exercise seems to offer little improvement potential for Asthma Peak Flow, I definitely feel generally better - phycially and mentally - when I'm exercising three or four times a week. Exercise Success seems to give me back a sense that I can still control some things where my health is concerned, as Asthma can rob you of that feeling of being in control. Also, while short term, exercise appears likely to increase inflammation (which might exacerbate Asthma) once regularly exercising (several weeks or longer) apparently, the long term anti-inflammatory benefits start to exceed the short term inflammatory ones. So I guess it's best to start slow and gently, building up over time, and taking a few days off whenever Asthma gets a bit worse.

  • I'm asthmatic, although well controlled at present. I leant to run using the NHS couch to 5k program. And I found it excellent. Just an idea to add to the mix! Best wishes as you start exercising again.

  • I had a review with the asthma nurse today. I explained that the cold snap we have had in the UK has made my symptoms worse. I have asked for a maintenance dose of prednisolone- the nurse said they would have to go through the specialist first.

    Worryingly, despite my IgE levels pointing to an allergy I was told one of my test results potentially pointed towards copd - cannot remember which but my result was 67% ( anything below 70% is an indication).

    I am now worried to say the least.

  • 2 puffs of ventolin/salbutamol 15 mn before exercising with an aerochamber/spacer

  • I did kickboxing tonight - an hours drill/ padwork/tec sparring. Without prednisolone I was really struggling- the warm up killed me due to it being cool - I almost quit but decided to carry on.

    My fostair helped but not that much - I have asked my GP for a maintenance dose of prednisolone. I'm not holding my breath (no pun intended).

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