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Asthma, Bronchietasis and now nasal polyps

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Hi I haven't been about for a while. I just wondered if anyone had experienced nasal polyps. I've had asthma nearly 3 years but in the last year and a half getting chest infections one after the other. I eventually got an appointment at hospital and they found I have bronchietasis. He changed all my inhalers and also gave me a steroid nose spray saying if no better with blocked nose he will give me monthly injections from December of xolair.

I'm curious if anyone has had nasal polyps as they seem to associate them with asthma patients and I want to try home remedies before they operate on me.

Thanks in anticipation

Pearl x

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Sorry, I forgot to mention. The doc diagnosed me with nasal polyps yesterday and is getting me in at ENT at hospital for an appointment.

I have polyps - I have been prescribed flixonase - if this does'nt work it's surgery.

My respiratory consultant has told me that while I have sinus problems I will never control my asthma- this is proving to be true.

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Hi Brenviking.

Interesting what your consultant said. I've had sinus problems for years due to allergies but the asthma nearly 3. They thought it was the rapeseed in the the fields around us which started the asthma. Thanks.

Hi . My father has a long history of nasal polyps which were treated with surgery initially until anENT doc put him on flixonase and nasal wash using saline and bicarbonate solution. He's been free of polyps for about 25 years now. Hope that helps.

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Hi Skigoddess, thanks for that info. Brenviking is also trying it out. I will check it out. Cheers.

Hi Pearly1

Strongly suspect I may have Bronchietasis so will be bringing that up with my Consultant. Would you mind advising what Inhalers your Medic recommended for your Bronchietasis?

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Pearly1 in reply to Matman

Hi Matman. I have

Tiotropium bromide once in the morning and Symbicort through the day. They are more effective than the ones I had.

I still take montelukast every night also.


Meant to mention - seem to recal reading that outcomes for certain nasal surgery procedures often resulted in a 'temporary / short' fix, but that many such patients later ended up going on to oral steroids (or returning to their use). Suggest - if not already researched by you - that you check into this online and via your Consultant. Surgery carries risks and - if any positive results are likely to last only a short time - this may influence your decision.

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I agree Matman, surgery seems only a temporary fix. I've read of a home remedy I'm going to try. Surgery will be my last resort.

I had nasal polyps and had steroid spray but didnt make any difference had operation a year ago and now take nasal spray asthma was bad before but much better now hope this helps

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Thanks gailmary, I'm pleased it's better for you after the op. I'll see what the consultant advices. The thought is surgery though turns my stomach! ,x

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gailmary in reply to Pearly1

It was day surgery out by five o'clock given strong pain killers but didn't need them have to have two weekssick ut that is to gaurd against infection

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gailmary in reply to Pearly1

You'llbe ok and it was well worth it made breathing so much easier

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