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What can I do?


Been coughing heavily since Friday so went the docs on Monday who listened to my chest and said I didn't have a chest infection but she could hear wheezing and that I was having an asthma flare up/exacerbation (she suggested it could be some sort of virus or the hot/cold damp air) advised me to double up on the fostair (from 4 puffs a day to 8 puffs a day) and go heavy on the ventolin (every time I had a coughing fit, which at the minute is a lot)

Is there anything else I can do to regain control? shorten the length of the cough? get me peak flow back to where it should be? old herbal cures?



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I sympathise totally! I was like this a few weeks ago . It's horrible. Steam and eucalyptus inhalation really helped me and drinking warm lemon ginger and honey to soothe throat. Hope you feel better soon .

Me too, thanks I will have to try that

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