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heartland Xolair trial

I have been referred to Heartlands by my local consultant in Bath as my igE levels were 3000+ for various things. I have been invited to join the Xolair study as I fit all criteria but have no idea what to expect from Heartlands.

My asthma was very badly managed at GP level and a 10day admission 6 months ago, after GP told me I didn't sound wheezy on the phone and made me an appointment 6 hours later resulting in a huge crash and blue light dash into hospital. During my admission the consultants were horrified I hadn't been referred to them sooner. now I'm on my way elsewhere!

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Brilliant. I'm glad you are getting the specialist help you need. Hope it all goes well at Heartlands with the Xolair. Apparently it has changed some people's lives. Let's hope you're one of them!

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Have a read of below if you're going on Xolair. As with all these recent drugs be careful and do your own research first - unless you're desperately poorly or are otherwise prevented from doing so. The below study was limited by no placebo control group plus identifies relationships that exist between the Medics running the trial and Drug Companies that may have a commercial interest. That said, dependent on your health status, there's always some degree of risk when trying new (or even well established drugs) so don't take this as an attempt to put you off doing what's best for you.


I don't know what they mean by trial. I've been on Omalizumab 2+yrs maximum dose which is 600mg 4 injections 2 weekly. My Ige was 1,845 and it used to be that you couldn't have it until it went to around 700 and I was put on permanent steroids till this happened. It's in NICE guidance I was told. So my Ige is back to 1800 since starting it. I hope it works for you as it does change lots of people's lives but for me personally I feel no different. Still regular chest infections, steroids at the same time and this lady grew weeks pneumonia.

Very best wishes and good luck xx


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