Hello everyone,I would like to hello and share some good news

my son is 10yrs old and has been diagnosed with asthma since he was 2,about a year ago it got alot worse we was back and forth Drs,asthma nurse even hospital told he was having panic attacks,i wasn't happy with this diagnosis,so went to see a private doctor within 20minutes he was diagnosed with allergic asthma changed his medication had tests done,fingers crossed he,s a different boy thanks to a wonderful doctor and all the advice off this site we seen to be controlling his asthma.

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  • Congratulations. I hope things can only improve from now on.

  • thankyou

  • Congratulations. I'm glad you seem to have it sorted. This forum is great isn't it?

  • thankyou, I really hope it stays sorted after what he,s been through,I'm glad I found this site wish I did a year ago

  • That's great news, congratulations long may it continue.

  • thankyou so much

  • Dear Helenlou11,

    It is the same story as myself. After being sick of my doctor and the same useless 'ventolin-type' inhalers I went to a private doctor and after some 3.5 years of lots of inhalers and pills changes --plus dust-mites and pollen vaccinations-- feel a lot better. We hope that doesn't change. I am still with my treatment but it's controlled now. As a martial artist and singer I was very concerned, and I can still do the same thing. I also thank this site and all of you, people. You've got free taekwondo classes, by the way. :-)

    May the light shine upon you and your son.

  • thankyou,my son has been going to martial arts for about 3 months now only once a week haven't managed 3 yet,it's the only place he goes hopefully he'll stick at it

  • Keep on with it! The allergist tells me it's easier to manage when it's a kid rather than an adult --he still has to grow up-- so he'll be alright. Peace and joy.

  • That's fantastic you just have to keep at it

  • thankyou,I will do everything I possibly can don't want him to be like he was b4,he was really bad 😃

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