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Peak Flow

Hey all,

I'm in the process of being diagnosed with asthma... but there seems to be a lot of differing ideas around what my peak flow should be. One says 440 and one was 485..

I'm 5"6', female, white, 24 year old .. my peak flow is averaging at 340 at the moment, but sometimes gets up to 390/400. Lowest was 270. Just not sure what I should be comparing it to??

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Peak flow is very personal!! They have an expected for your height,age and weight but it not always right!!

My expected is about 440!! My best is 550 and 440 means I'm having difficulty!

Once you are settled in meds you will discover your personal best and then it will become easier to understand!!

It's a really tricky one because it's best not to just rely on peak flow!! My peak flow can be still in the green and I'm having major symptoms.

Main things is to get to know your triggers and react to your symptoms!!

Good luck!!


This seems to be an ongoing issue with a number of posts. I recently agreed with another member of the forum that it's best not to get hung up with actual values, because it doesn't seem to be indicative of the type and severity of your symptoms (it's all very subjective). I think it best just to use the combination of treatment which provides the best relief for your symptoms, which might well give you the greatest improvement in peak air flow, but not necessarily the target value (which is, after all, just a statistical average). Hope that helps.


Yeah I thought that may be the case. I'm just doing oeka flow without treatment for this first week to see if there's any patterns and am starting ventolin on Monday. hopefully there will be some improvement!

Thanks for the reply you two


There is a chart online that gives you a guide. Have a google. x


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