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Can you guys describe your wheezing sound? Can you clearly hear that it's coming from the chest?

I've always been a cougher, and for the past year I've had a slight wheeze at night every once in a while. However, after the temperatures have dropped to below 10 C where I live, I've had the wheeze every single night. Additionally I've been getting the wheeze after running. At night it's just a slight whistle at the middle to the end of each exhalation. After running it usually lasts for the entire exhalation period. I have no idea where the sound is coming from, because I can't feel it at all. I can only hear it, it's high pitched but not very loud. I'll experiment with ventolin tonight to see if it goes away.

I've also been coughing more than I usually do. I'm wondering if it could be due to post nasal drip? My peak flow isn't lower than normal. But it's triggered by such typical asthma triggers, so I'm confused.

Can anyone relate?

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  • I think everyon's wheeze can be slightly different; I get a similar high pitched wheeze now & again. I know a few people on here have reported issues with doctors not recognising wheeze-less asthma.

    If the ventolin deals with it & you feel OK, then I'd just use it before exercise until the weather warms or you feel the wheeze has eased.

  • Thanks for your reply! Do you feel the high pitch wheeze? Or are you able to tell where it's coming from?

    I tried ventolin last night, and I still got a wheeze, but it was much less than usual.

  • Yes I often get it; it sort of feels like it comes from the area near the centre of the rib cage (I could point but hard to describe!).

  • Over the last few weeks I have been wheezing quite a lot at night, it started initially when I had a cold but it seems to have continued..

    Until now I only suffered from mild asthma, usually linked to me having a cold or chest infection or excercise induced.. I am a little worried that I am starting to experience night time asthma too!

  • Sounds exactly like me, except I haven't had a cold since August. I also usually only get bad with a cold or exercise, especially during winter. Hopefully night time wheezing isn't permanent :)

  • Hi Hanna

    Wheezing is caused by narrowed airways or inflammation. so I would keep watch, peak flow, numbers of reliever puffs over 48hours, if you are coughing more I would book an appointment at the nurse or the GP..or talk to the Asthma UK nurse if you feel like it for a start and she will put you in the right direction. Take care Hanna and let us know how you are getting on x

  • Thanks for your reply :). I'm not really having any difficulty breathing, and I'm not seeing a drop in my peak flow, so I'm not really feeling the need to take my reliever. But as I mentioned in my reply to Minushabens, I tried taking it last night. Still got a wheeze, but less than I usually get. I'll continue monitoring my peak flow, taking ventoline before bedtime and contact my GP if anything worsens. :)

  • you're welcome :))))

  • A gentle high pitched whine often followed by a click ?

  • A gentle high pitch whistle, but no click :/

  • I used to have odd wheezes, not specifically at night time. One I can clearly remember was after a shower, when I thought I heard a dog yelp outside. It was me making the sound. I also used to have odd coughs at night, occasionally paroxysmally, and sometimes they used to wake me up. After an asthma attack last June I am now on far better meds, and my wheezing seems a thing of the past. I still cough occasionally, but then I have always done. So I will join in with others, keep an eye on peak flow, speak to Asthma UK nurses, or your own local asthma nurse. You may be under medicated.

  • Good to hear that you no longer wheeze. The first time I was wheezing it took me a while to realize that the noise came from me as well. I'll keep an eye on my peak flow :)

  • I have the same although I have justcomeback from Florida so from warm air to cold. It takes me a while to get used to the air again. Probably gave a cold/chest infection before that happens.

  • Florida sounds nice! Hope you get used to the colder temperatures soon. I wonder if that's the case with me as well.

  • Possibly it can be all due to temperature changes and the weather is big part and going from one to another. Also if you live near heavy traffic. Hope you improve sooon

  • I would keep an eye as ther a lot going about I have recently seen my gp and I have a virus which has made me very wheezy and coughs to and been put on steroids now as well due to my peak flow dropping. At first it hadn't then two days later bam massive pain and drop

  • Just to let you know we have decided to move to Florida firstly for my health secondly as we get sick of this country being so packed there's no space. Wishing everyone happy new year.

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