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I've been referred to speech and language. Apparently they can work to improve your breathing if you are a month breather due to bad habit caused by asthma. I take 5 different medication to 'control' (not that it ever feels under control) my asthma daily. I'm willing to give anything ago cos I'm just coming to the end of 3 weeks absence from work due to an asthma attack and exacerbation. Has anyone else heard of being refer to speech and language to help with asthma!! It feels weird!!

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  • I also was referred but more as I loose my voice during an exacerbation .... And they think I have Vocal Cord Dysfunction but that's another story! I had assessment yesterday and have a session today .. Going in with open eyes ! I also have and continue to have respiratory physio which is brilliant for the breathing pattern as it's very easy to create a dysfunctional breathing pattern during an exacerbation ... My view is if the 'specialists ' want you to do these things then go for it ....! Any things better than being of work ( again in my case for another 3 weeks post 2nd exacerbation)! Good luck and keep us posted !

  • Thanks for your reply I don't feel so odd now I know someone else who has been referred for similar therapy! I'm happy to try anything!!


  • my old cons tried to refer me for this not sure why though he never said hope it helps though

  • If you get the chance to try it do so.. the therapist explained quite a bit to me and I can understand how the training in speech therapy helps with the working of the diaphragm and the breathlessness some of us get ... i too was a bit sceptical as I thought I'd come out singing or talking all "posh" as my children said !!! It was quite relevant in my case but isn't for everyone...

  • I guess it can't do any harm so worth a try!!

  • Had speech therapy session yesterday ... came away with exercises to loosen muscles within neck and jaw area ..and voice projection exercises.. this was followed up with resp physio who I've been working with since June .. I'm now on a programme called Buteyko breathing .... it's quite a commitment but is designed to allow your lungs to accept air hunger and reduce inhaler use ... not to increase lung volume .... includes mouth taping to encourage nasal breathing, 15 min non talking nasal breathing walk a day and 2-3 sessions of the breathing technique which takes approx 30 mins to do ... doesn't sound a lot but it's quite intensive in a relaxing kind of way !!!!! Oh and add the daily nasal rinsing in (not particularly excited about this one ) ... I'm exhausted just writing this !!! So go for it if your offered the therapy !!!! I'm taking everything I'm offered as I want to get my life back!!!!!

  • Sounds like a huge commitment!! But anything is worth a go!! I've got to wait for referral yet!! Will post when I've finally been!!

  • Good luck .. not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up for as once back at work my days are 12 hrs long with starts at 0500 hrs !!!! The speech therapy is easy stuff it's the physio bits which are the commitment but the two departments work very closely together .. keep us posted ..

  • I too work a very long day so I'd struggle with that commitment! Try to do it as much as you can but don't beat yourself up if you don't always fit it in!! Good luck with it!!

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