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Asthma attack recovery time?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forums, and I'm wondering if anyone can help.

I had an asthma attack/exacerbation on Tuesday, luckily I didn't need to go to A&E, but my GP put me on a 7 day course of prednisolone. I'm also using a Fostair 200/6 preventer and salbutamol when I need it. My peak flow readings are down (~300 when my best is 410), and I have a kind of heavy feeling in my chest. Is this normal, or does anyone know how long it might take for it to ease up? I have another appointment with my GP on Friday after I finish the prednisolone.

Thanks for your help! :)

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If you still feel like you are struggling to breath, I would go back to your GP. If you are pushing yourself too much, it may be part of the problem. You do need to rest, I would say up to a week after an exacerbation, but I myself know how difficult it is to rest! Just try to pace yourself and if you feel that you aren't improving, go back to your GP.

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I've got an appointment for Friday :) I also phoned the asthma uk helpline earlier and they suggested that if I'm still not feeling great to get the gp to sign me off for the week. I'm just worried about taking too much time off from work with it. I may have come back/been doing too much too soon, though. I was sent home on Thursday and thought I'd try coming in today. Having been for a walk at lunch time I'm back to wheezing again!

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Asthma UK nurses are a great resource! I know what you mean about signing off for work. My husband has difficulties getting sick leave from his employer and I am self employed so would go unpaid. However, doing some work with payroll through my career, having GP note does make a difference and you can get statuatory sick pay for any day after the first three days off. It isn't a lot but it may help a bit. Good luck and hope you feel better.


How long is a piece of string? It takes as long as it takes. Sometimes you may need another prescription. IF you are coughing up sputum which is coloured then you have an infection and it may be a good idea for your Doc to take samples to see what antibiotic may be needed. If you are no better go back to your GP.


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