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Chest infections

From December 2015 until now I have had 6 chest infections. None of which my doctor would give me antibiotics for. One of the infections lasted 6 weeks. I also have asthma that I see a consultant at the hospital for. I ended up in A&E twice in 2015 because of my asthma and both times I ended up taking antibiotics. I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue and how they went about it. I don't really want another year like the previous two.

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i was like you up till about 2 years ago getting repeating chest infections about every 4/5 weeks,and i was getting antibiotics & steroids, then Dr put me on Spiriva and since then I’ve only had one chest infection, so you could maybe mention that the next time you are at the Dr’s


Good to try, but I've been on Spiriva for years, and still chronic asthmatic.


Spiriva isn’t for asthma though, its designed to break up the gunk that collects on your chest/lungs so then can reduce the amounts of infections, the doc told me


That is not my understanding at all!

SPIRIVA RESPIMAT, 2.5 mcg, and SPIRIVA HANDIHALER are long-term, once-daily, prescription maintenance medicines used to control symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) by relaxing your airways and keeping them open. COPD includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. SPIRIVA RESPIMAT and SPIRIVA HANDIHALER also reduce the likelihood of flare-ups (COPD exacerbations).

SPIRIVA RESPIMAT, 1.25 mcg, is a long-term, once-daily, prescription maintenance treatment of asthma for people 12 years and older.

According to my respiratory team (and the internet) the drug which does what you describe is Mucodyne 375 mg (known as Carbocisteine) This belongs to a group of medicines called 'mucolytics' which work by making the mucous less sticky and easier to cough up.

Does that make sense? I am not a doctor and happy to be told I am wrong, but that is my understanding.



Some doctors are just anti antibiotics - and with good reason, but, like you, I have been plagued by chest infections. First one in February this year, I have been in hospital about 6 times (lost count) and was in for 5 weeks in April when I picked up the pseudomonus bug. In fact until a month ago I'd been in hospital more than I'd been at home this year. Unfortunately antibiotics are a must to get me well when I've got an infection and because of my the danger of pseudomonus coming back (once you've got it, it's always there, like cold sores) I have to be on intravenous antibiotics for two weeks - which means two weeks in hospital. I think sometimes you just get these s..t times. I would bypass the doc and go direct to A, & E. Good luck, thinks WILL get better.


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