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Easyjet and Oxygen

Recently had a flight assessment, and discovered I need oxygen on flights. Going to NZ in December with BA and Cathay Pacific, and have arranmged to have oxygen available to me. However I am going with Easyjet to Italy, a two hour flight, next month and Easyjet allow you to take oxygen, but do not supply. I have no idea how to go about this - has anyone else done this and where do I start please??

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Hi sansgran I dob't know what to do about that one,except try BA or another ait line ,if you can get to NZ you must be able to get to Italy.How much Oxyygen do you need per minute mines 3lts per minute sadly on 24/7 which counts me out for travel.hope you get on ok good luck Brian.


Thanks Brian, I just need two lts, just while at altitude, never need it at home. Am waiting for the doc to ring me back - hoping he will have some answers.


Hi samsgran Again as a ps Did the air line to NZ make a charce for the oxygen on the flight again best ot luck Brian.


Speak to your GPs surgery or your asthma consultant.

They can contact your local Oxygen supplier (people like BOC who provide home oxygen) and see if they can prescribe and arange O2 for your flight with EasyJet!

Hope this helps!



This link to BOC will be of use!



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