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Acid reflux tablets

Hi all, I know this is nothing to do with asthma but didn't know if anyone could help? Been on omerparzole 20mg tablets for about 2 years now. But lately I am feeling so sick in the evenings and have read they can make you feel sick. I'm confused as the main reason for me taking these tablets was to stop this sick feeling and heartburn. I'm not sure if I need to come off them? But when I don't take them I do have terrible heartburn!

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When do you take them? Although most folks say morning I find I'm better if I take before my main meal of the day and have less dude effects?


Yeah I take mine usually in the morning before I eat anything. I might give that a go thanks X


I was on those for my cancer i told the doctor to get me off them coz i don't suffer from acid and like you thay made me feel sick doctor agreed and asked what I would use if I did get acid in the future and I said simple as I can't drink milk neat I will do as I've always done have a milkshake.

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Yeah think I might talk to my doctor about coming off them if I can. My body's just so used to them now and gets bad heartburn when I don't X


Helennn: What you say about your heart happened to me with my ear with another medicine. I could not sleep or live because the pain was unbearable. Another one made me have cough attacks until I could not breathe. I told my doctor immediately, otherwise the remedy becomes worse than the illness. If I were you I would do that, but I am very clear about the heart. No toying with it. All the best.


Hi.......I have been on Esomeprazole 20mg for years & years. I get nasty bouts of heartburn & nausea from time to time. It's usually just severe heartburn that I suffer from ....At he moment my Dr. has increased my tablets to twice a day. .......not sure if it's going to work or not . Have got some mastic gum capsules in the hope they might help. I feel sure this time it's gastritis that I have. ........Have a chat with your Dr. but remember you are the only one who knows how you feel don't miss anything out.



Hi Helennn, I was on prescription Omeprazole for about four years because of what they called 'functional dyspepsia' that was causing me bad pains in my upper stomach area but was not heliobacter P.

I too have been a long=term sufferer of frequent heartburn, sometimes severe (had endoscoopy at 19 that found nothing).

I would seriously recommend following lifestyle change advice, but one thing often left out is to discover what is bad for you. For example, a couple of nights ago I ate three bananas that were a bit past it, sweet, well for the first time in a couple of weeks I had difficulty getting to sleep because of heartburn (was out of rennie too!).

When I decided to stop taking Omeprazole a few years back, I had been in a cayenne-pepper-with-everything phase and had stopped drinking alcohol. What I found, that I have read anecdotes about, is that cayenne pepper improves digestion (supposedly by stimulating production of protective enzymes/ triggering anti-inflammitory action). I thought it counter-intuitive because I'd always been wary of chili and the advice is to avoid spicy foods but I get far far less heartburn following tomato dishes if I add a generous dose of cayenne!

In general spicy food is to be avoided, along with excesses of salt and fat but during my worst heartburn as a teenager I found plain boiled or mashed potato to be the VERY WORST thing! And yet the people around me would question that!

Coffee probably originally started my problems but I am a definite coffee addict (and I believe it helps asthma).

Posture is a thing, don't lie down too soon after meals, sleep on left if reflux is worse lying down etc. don't compress stomach when eating.

I think acid reflux is a factor in some people's asthma.

I have also read that some people may experience these sorts of symptoms as a result of too little rather than too much stomach acid. I think Omeprazole is probably a fairly safe drug and it is certainly useful is treating cause rather than just symptoms but I was not cured by it and helped myself by looking for more mundane causes than a mystery 'functional' disease. Still I get heartburn but manage with occasional rennie and sometimes zantac, which I prefer not to take: one of it's risk factors is that it can case glaucoma!

All in all I think the term 'infammation' is most significant. Time and again modern diet and lifestyle are tied to imfammitory diseases by commentators from diverse perspectives. Omega-3/Omega-6 ratio linked by Steve Ilardi (University of Kansas) to depression (which he considers an inflammitory disease). Magnesium deficiency, George Eby. The breathing people such as Wim Hof, and perhaps Buteyko (the latter promising indeed for asthmatics). The capsicum/capsaicin/chili lovers of the world (capsaicin can be a topical remedy for muscle and joint pain). Well, this is just my feeling - I hope some of it is helpful. Incidently I have found my heartburn symptoms have become much less frequent since I started taking magnesium malate and glycinate a few weeks ago, though I've been trying various supplements for various things so I'm not sure that's it.

Cheers, Ollie.


Re heartburn. I was reading an article on B12 deficiency and heartburn can be a symptom. Too little acid rather than too much. Worth looking into? B12 tabs are nicer than more drugs!


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