In rbh hospital being used as a pin cushion loads needles vains keep colasping got to keep recantating trying to get me a pick line put in and arms so sore took 4 attempts to get blood in the end went in hand had a bone scan today lots more tests to b done if they take any more blood il have none left got to have lung function and other stuff done roll on next sat go home no more needles hydrocortisone makes me feel good but puffy tonight again it's so hot hope everyone well X

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  • Thou must be sick of the sight of hospitals. Good luck with all the tests. Take care.

  • Hi yea u could say that I live in them lately live out of a suitcase hope u doing ok X

  • You poor thing, I bet you're so fed up.

    I do hope you get home soon.

  • Hi yea u could say that not out till next Saturday got 10 nights here I'm afraid so no vains by then only on my 1st full day

  • Oh dear Tracey, I hope all goes ok.

    Take care.

  • Hi, I know how you feel. I am in rbh on Tuesday if you want/need anything. Or even just some company. Let me know xx

  • Hi yea b good to meet u could b on Victoria with me going to b a spare bed here got two ladies going so I b on my own again only 3 of us here bay 2 my name is Tracey jones u will have to let me know where u r. X

  • Hi Tracey, it will be good to meet. I'm not being admitted just coming into Lind Ward for xolair and check up as asthma flaring up with the current heat and humidity. So will pop down and come see you in Victoria Ward. :) if there's anything you need then please don't hesitate to let me know xx

  • Ok thank u nice to c a face don't get visitors as to far my son just said someone going to bring him up one day so that b nice X

  • Hi what time r u around tomorrow up here il still b here if would like to meet in bay 3 bed 1 that's if U would like to hope ur appointment goes ok X

  • Hi Tracey

    I am hoping to be up there by 11am. Will pop down and see you. Not sure what time I will be able to come by. Not been to good so expecting some sort of testing etc.

    Would you like anything at all?

    Please don't hesitate to ask.


  • Hi thanks but my son coming up around lunch time so he brining some bits up if u not got time don't worry about coming down worry about sorting urself out that's more important I'm sure we meet again sometime up here I'm always up here b back again in 2 months X

  • Hi thanks but I think I'm ok for now what ward u on I'm on Victoria bay 2 bed 1

  • Sorry to hear you are in hospital. Drinking plenty of water before the vampire comes helps. They like digging for gold......

    The Specialist Respiratory Nurse wondered why they didn't put a pick line in last time I was in. I have never had one. It is fun trying to relax while they dig.

    My sister tells me that on children they use an ointment which helps show up the veins.

  • Tried the water drinking don't help y gains so small and they keep collapsing so they don't last long or there so small and deep they don't last

  • So sorry you have to go thru this !

    Hope they find stuff they can fix .😘

  • Tracye, so sorry you have to go thru this! Hope they find stuff they can fix !!!!😘

  • Hi I'm ok just fed upwith all the needles another new cannula again tonight as the other one went again had to get the doc to to took her two attempts as one of the gains popped again but I'm ok got a heavy feeling in the chest tonight but I book take a nebuliser before bed. Hope u doing ok X

  • Just a thought here seems you have little veins that run away when they feel the approach of a needle. Just like mine. One time last year when I had given a lot of blood samples the phlebotomist had a problem and was just about to give up when it went ok but she said if it hadn't gone in at time she would have used a needle they use for babies. So, it might be worth mentioning this. Having said that when I go to Manchester to the National Aspergillosis Centre I find the nurses there have no problems with getting blood out of me - I wonder why that is?

  • Yea it's horrible have so much trouble getting the vains up , I now having problems with heavy feeling in my chest got to try the nebs more and c the doc. Hope u ok have a good day

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