Asthma at night

I'm wondering if any of you have asthma symptoms at night without actually waking up from them? I do wake up in the middle of the night coughing sometimes, but lately my husband has been waking me up (in his sleep!!!) telling me to stop coughing, and I wake up finding myself coughing.

I've never really looked at myself as having a lot of night time symptoms, but I do find myself being better rested and needing much less sleep in good periods vs bad. So now I'm wondering if I actually have lots of night time symptoms without actually noticing it. Can anybody relate?

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  • Oh yes. This was how I was diagnosed. My husband can always tell when things deteriorating

  • I had lots of coughing and breathlessness then they gave me a tablet to take at night and if I could sleep ( fibromyalgia probs) I would . Along with my inhalers this has helped me so much . Hope you get it sorted x

  • I cough at night too. One of the first signs things are going downhill or coming down with a cold/chest infection 😕

  • Thanks for your replies. I already had the chest infection, so now I'm getting better. Only thing left is the annoying dry cough, and apparently night cough.

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