Asthma Trial

I am very pleased to have accepted onto an asthma trial through my local hospital. It consists of injections fortnightly and regular check, tests and recording peak flows etc. I feel well and truly looked after. No idea if my asthma will improve - I may even be being given the placebo. But I don't really mind. To know that I am seeing the professionals every two weeks through my ups and downs is very comforting. Even more importantly I no longer need to see my new consultant, who if you have read me before, I took an instant dislike to because of his attitude towards me and my problems. I am now being looked after by the chief respiratory consultant who is in charge of the trial, and who will continue to see me after it finishes. Yippee. That in itself is worth two years of injections. haha

Looks like my asthma will dip as my anxiety is up - due to the fact that my lovely husband who works offshore for 5 weeks then went on a diving trip for 10 days finally decided to come home today - and is already 'doing my head in" -- I gave up trying to smile and stay calm and have separated myself from him until he stops finding things to moan about - maybe I should take up a interest that takes me away to holiday destinations. O dear.

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  • omg brilliant I would be injected for head to toe if my son could see a top consultant, so happy for you. Keep us updated on how things go😃

  • Thanks I will. Feeling very lucky. I hope yr son gets the help he needs. X.

  • Hello, I'm so pleased that you've been accepted for the trial -fingers crossed it all works out well for you.

    My hubby works on rigs and has just come back from Iraq for 10 days, and I'm so pleased that you experience the same as me - he 'does my head in' too for the first few days, moaning about this and that 😉 Until he settles, then it's time for him to go back! So I totally sympathise 😀 I normally just keep out of the way for a couple of days and ignore it. I suppose I should be used to it after 17 years!

    Good luck with the trial 😀😀

    Stacey x

  • Hi Stacey - so glad it's not just me - I did the same - shut myself away till today. He's ok now lol. I guess it's hard for them too. We'll weather through - always do . X

  • Good for you on taking part in the trial and advancing the treatment of asthma ☺

  • I'll report back to how I get on.

  • Good luck with it all.. u maybe the patient to help others with a breakthru drug :-)

  • You never know ha x

  • Aww wish we had some sort of clinical trial for asthma where I live! I am getting really frustrated with my asthma just now!!

  • I just filled in a form to say I'd like to be considered for any appropriate trial. They then got in touch with me. The criteria was strict and I could have been discounted at any time. But so far so good . Maybe you could ask your Aras nurse or consultant if there's anything like that in your area. Good luck. . Kim

  • Aww I see yeah will ask my consultant next time I see him as we are running out of options for me!

  • Good luck with that. x

  • I know what you mean. Every new drug that comes out you pray it's The one that will be 'the miracle cure' But never is ! I'm in a good spell at the moment which is clouded by the knowledge I could drop at any minute. But I imagine it's the same for all of us - our good spells are other people's worst. Hey ho ! It's hard but we hv to live with what life throws at us. Do you suffer from anxiety as well? It's a vicious circle.

  • I was invited onto a trial but when they asked my age 75 I was uninvited guess I am far too young ;-)

  • Haha how rude? xx

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