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i have Moderate adult-onset,allergy-induced,cough-variant,exercise-induced,nocturnal,and silent asthma :( well maybe not so much on the silent part :( am i the only one with this experience: when it gets really tight, at the end of an exhale, i can hear the slightest bit of a whistle(i dont normally make noise other than coughing) its been so freaking hot the past few days here:( and its only gonna get worse :( today hasnt been a very good day :( ive been short of breath most of the day, and ive been coughing a LOT more than i usually do :( i dont like to use my inhaler cause it doesnt get into my lungs half the time :( hell im having an attack right now as im typng this :( any time i get medic help, the EMTs/paramedics think its anxiety cause they hear clear lungs all the while im struggling :P any advise would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • I have brittle asthma and when it plays up I get very anxious. A couple of years ago I was really wheezy, I took my father to the GP and on the way home my breathing got worse and worse when we arrived at my parents house I couldn't breath, my inhalers were not working and I was Feelin dreadful, mum dialled 999 and a paramedic car came out. I was wheezy but my anxiety had bought on a panic attack, it felt just like asthma but I wasn't responding to anything. I ended up in A&E and was given medication which calmed me down. I now take prochlorperazine teblets every day and no longer have any problems.

    I would advise you to talk to your GP or asthma nurse about anxiety as you sound just like I did, do you notice a quickening heart beat at all?

    Look after yourself.

  • HI ZoeyLynn, Omg I hope you're ok, clear lung and peck flow always seem to be normal with CVA why don't they just treat you for asthma anyway 😠. Look after yourself hope it passed now?

  • nope still going on :( heck, this is the third day:(

  • I've cough variant too and found anxiety makes it worse. I've found that meditation helps. I've two downloads from Audible by Bodhipaksa, Guided Meditations for Busy People and Guided Meditations for Calmness, Awareness and Love. It really helps you focus on your breathing in a positive way. Also I'm learning self hypnosis, I've a great book called Self hypnosis, the complete manual for heath and self change, by Dr Brian Alman and Dr Peter Lambrou. I've had some hypnotherapy sessions for stress, very helpful but not cheap so maybe not an option for all. By the way, the book has a chapter on relief for asthma and allergies as well as anxiety. Good luck

  • Totally understand how you feel. Had asthma all my life which worsened after a particularly bad infection and a stay in hospital a few years ago. Things started triggering which didn't before. Always bad when I get a cold. Was ambulanced to A&E yesterday by my GP surgery. Have been bad for 2 weeks. Had antibiotics and steroids. Already take highest dose of Flutiform every day. They said I was tachycardic (heart rate was 117 !!) cos I was coughing so much. After all the usual checks in hospital I was sent away with cough linctus......made me feel such a fraud!! They say my chest is clear yet my airways hurt and are so irriated that I can't stop coughing. Haven't seen a consultant for 5 years!! Fed up with feeling like the professionals think there is nothing wrong :-(

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