Can't sleep..steroids

Started prednisilone this morning, got an emergency appointment, thankfully it was my GP, who knows me well. He greeted me with a chuckle and "breathing problems with the athsma that isn't". We share the same amusement at the consultant who insists I can come off most of my meds, then three weeks later get a massive flare up. It made me smile..

My body is tired, but I can not sleep. Vsteroids seem to have this effect on me. Does anyone else get the same.

Been a long night.

Made my grand daughter her Minnie Mouse birthday cake. Decorated it in stages through the night...kept me occupied

The good news is my breathing is improving already,.

I want to sleep but it's not happening.

I was going to share a picture of the cake, but can't work it out.

Have set my alarm on my phone as I will need to contact my manager to let her know I won't be in. Thankfully she gets it, and is understanding.

Gosh, I have rambled on a bit.

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  • I get the jitters with pred and also can't sleep so ur not alone!! I've been floating about since 2am. I'm currently sitting at the back door in the sunshine after hanging my washing out!! We'll both be exhausted later! Hope u feel better soon! X

  • I know that feeling. I also suffer when I change the dose. At least I get lots done

  • I recently had my first experience of prednisolone. I was on it for 2.5 weeks. It affected my sleep very badly.

  • Yes I'm the same that's always why I'm reluctant to take them, but after a very bad night, just avoiding A&E I'm on the steroids from this morning, thankfully I have an emergency supply at home. I might not sleep but at least, soon-ish I'll be breathing easier.

    Take care X

  • I have been on Pred for almost 3 years, my sleeping is dreadful when im on higher doses too, its good to know im not alone i thought i was going crazy x

  • I've one day left of 3 weeks course and I haven't been able to sleep

  • Was awake till 3am then woke up and got up at 7 am. Only 4 hours sleep and not tired with being on steriods. Hate them but its the only thing that works to make my breathing improve. Also the suck the calcium from your bones can cause thinning of the bones. So i take calcium tablet. My family saybi am hyper and dont stop talking and moving about when i am on steriods. I

  • When I take it I can't sleep and it makes me shaky .I also have fibro. and you can't sleep with that either .I was up at 2.30 went to bed T 1.30 and then up untill 6.30 ,then back to bed no sleep it's exhausting .Been on the sofa all day with a hot water bottle to ease my back in this heat ,mad Hope you feel better soon x

  • That sounds like it's hard going. Not sleeping is not helpful for anyone. Bi hope you feel better soon x

  • IT is but its how it is ,the thing I'm annoyed with for both myself and my sister that we have Copd because we have never smoked ,I have never even had a cigarette in my mouth .Parents smoked so I guess it's passive.My poor sister is in a bad way with it .Fibro is very painful and it comes with lots of other health complications .One day at a time is how I do it ,I wish I liked alchol but I hate it ,I might dull the pain but I just can't make myself drink it .You take care now ,hope you feel better and get some sleep ,although with this heat it's doubtful .

  • Dizzy412, yes, steroid shots always make my heart race but not sure how it affects sleep as I am night owl anyway . Definitely gives me a few days of help with the pain though. I too have found distraction is the best med when can't sleep or in pain that just won't quite go away !

  • I used to take steroids and be able to sleep but since last year they have kept me up for most of the time I was on them. Thankfully have not had to have them since. I wondered whether if you took them at night if it would make a difference for he first couple of days? Who knows.

  • Thats a very good point I never thought to take them at night, i shall see what my doctor says but i am unfortunately a diabetic on insulin now because of the steroids but may be worth a try....

    You guys are right they do work for the breathing and i can t be with out them but i feel your pain with the sleep its so frustrating and the heat as well is not helping. Hope you all feel better too

  • Getting ultra frustrated now.

    Can't sleep, but I'm tired.

    Mind is working over time and I'm feeling on edge and not relaxed. Supposed to be going back to work tomorrow.

    That's going to be interesting.

  • Insomnia and can't relax

  • I had some bad dreams when I was in hospital and first started taking 40mg of predisolone sleep was a blessing though! and after 2or 3 days the dreams stopped being really weird, I could breath and the coughing slowed down

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