I have been taking symbicort 200/6 now for 2 years and never had any problems. In February this year they put me on 160/4.5. At the time I didn't notice they had changed it but the only thing is I became ill, struggling to breath, chest pains, light headed, couldn't stop coughing. I asked for an asthma review to and the put me on 400/12 symbicort. I got better with in days. Then last week I forgot to put in a prescription so took the other symbicort 160/4.5 one, again I noticed I started to feel ill within half an hour of taking it, chest pain, struggling to breath. I took it again the next morning as I thought I must be having a little attack. It wasn't unti I went in my car where I have a just in case one, I noticed the one in the car was symbicort 200/6 one. So I took it and stopped taking the 160/4.5 one and again i started to feel better. The doctors are now telling me they are the same but I feel they are different as the 160/4.5 makes me I'll. Has anyone else had this issue... The doctors are saying its in my head but o know it's not. I have noticed they have stuck a sticker over the 160/4.5 one to pass it off as 200/6 one.

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  • I have never had an issue with any inhalers but I know i have had massive issues in the past with different brands of the same medication, some don't agree with me! In terms of dose I think that the 200/6 vs 160/4.5 is the difference between the metered dose and delivered dose but is in essence the same dose...?

  • The point is simple: you know what the effect is when it's changed. So what if the GP thinks it is all in your mind? (I don't think it is, actually). The GP just has to keep prescribing the right stuff. Be persistent and get what is right for you. Good luck!

  • Just a thought. Have you tried the 400 at half the frequency/amount of your normal 200 usage?

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