Hi all .... Well after struggling do two weeks and being on 40mg of pred for 8 days, I finally got a cancelled app to see my GP. Dissapointed to say the least!! She listened to chest said bad but there's nothing more she can do as I'm already on maximal dosages of medication and maybe I should start enjoying myself while I still can & there's a good chance I wouldn't reach 65 or retirement !!!

Left there feeling annoyed 😡

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  • That's appalling! Are you under the care of a consultant? If not I would push hard for one. Perhaps a visit to A&E may be needed. Hope you get the care and treatment you need

  • Hi ..... And yes I've been with consultant at local hospital for 2 years from there was refered to respitory team at the Royal Brompton..... I've been there 12 months but I've got to be honest I fear they to have ran out of ideas !!! 👎💩

  • Oh dear... Sorry to hear that

  • That sounds like a doctor who needs to work on her bedside manner. Agree with Flossiew, if you're not under one already, push for a referral. Problem is waiting time until you get to see one. You could try A&E if things get bad over the weekend.

  • What an idiot!🙃 Poor you, phone the Asthma nurse at Asthma Uk to know how to go about it. I'd phone the consultant sectetary at the RB bypass the system, say it's an emergency you are at your wits end etc then ask for a scan.

    Take care Mark and keep sharing :))

  • Yeah gods there is nothing like being cheered up. I cannot say I think much of your doc. Sending supportive hugs

  • I would complain as that is awful(how old are you?) . There is no excuse for any doctor to behave like that.

    Ask to see con ASAP or go to A and E. Or ask to see another GP.

    So sorry for you being spoken to like this.

  • wow just wow!...can't believe they would let you go without referring you to see your consultant as an emergency if its that bad!!!either that or straight to hospital....and to make it all sound so negative is just disturbing to me! hope you get some real help soon!

  • Goodness, that's a bit daunting. How old are you now? Did you try asking for a consultant referral?

  • sorry new to the forum and got confused about where the replies would be!

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