Weak and exhausted


I have just been discharged from hospital following a 6 day stay in intensive care after an asthma attack. I suffer from brittle asthma and this was infection induced. 

I am just wondering whether feeling extremly weak and exhausted is all part of recovery. I have no appetite either, and no energy to do anything.

I hope you are all well

Thank you!

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  • Hello Bubblybird so sorry you are having such a tough time . I am not at all surprised you feel exhausted after all you have suffered, perhaps a call to your GP will out your mind at rest. Gentle hugs on their way ♥♥♥

  • Thank you starveycat, i will see my gp next week, just going to take it each day at a time. Hope you are well

  • It's completely normal to feel the way you are doing at the moment.  Your body and brain has been through a traumatic event so both in recovery mode now.  Don't push yourself as this will only make it worse if you need to sleep do it.   But do eat your body needs the fuel to repair.  Hope you recover well x 

  • Hi I to have type 1 Brittle asthma and when I have a bad attack it takes me a while to recover so for me what you have described is normal after that attack. I hope you feel better soon and good luck 

  • Poor you this was me before Xmas. Your body has had an insult and worked really hard so needs to recover. It's taken me months not weeks. 

    I set small daily goals e.g. Only 2 naps!! And meSure my progress. 

  • Hi Bubblybird sorry to hear it took a lot out of you..take all the time you need to recover. Small portions several times a day will help you along as well as your favorite tv or radio programmes or good books!! Check with the Asthma UK nurse for guidance.

    Take care and let us know how you are getting on xx

  • I feel your exhaustion,I was discharged Monday evening after 2.5 weeks in 3 days ITU then in isolation for just over a week before normal nursing then home. I went in with difficulty breathing after start of cough and flu type illness. It turned out I tested positive to H1Ñ1 Swine Flu then got a superadded pneumonia causing exacerbation of asthma!! In hospital just going from bed to toilet I was out of puff and exhausted. I'm home now but find myself so weak but unable to sleep!! Such a vicious circle

  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you are suffering too. It definatly is a vicious cycle, everyday is a atruggle. 

    I hope you start to ferl better soon. Take care :)

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