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Hi I've just had my girls intolerance tested as they all suffer severly with asthma and rhinitis. It has been well worth the money as all three tested for enciromental factors like pollen dust mould etc which I already know. They also tested badly for oranges strawberries dark chocolate which are in histamines, one has fish and eggs and one soya. However to be surprised all three have come back lactose intolerant to milk cheese and yoghurts and I have often wondered if certain foods have triggered their asthma off. They have suffered other symptoms such as dark circle eyes and flactulasne after having milk I am just wondering if any of you asthma suffers have had testing or food allergies and intolerances which have made their condition worse?

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  • Hi, I started with asthma as an adult last summer and went from being fit and active to struggling to do everyday tasks we had been unable to get my asthma under control.   I had allergy blood tests and skin prick tests done at the hospital and it only came back with allergies to tree and grass pollens which didn't make sense in the middle of the winter!

    In January l went for introllance testing and found out that I'm introllant to wheat, dairy. Chocolate :-(, nuts and allergies came up as mould, grasses, trees, dust mite and feathers.  It has really made a massive difference to my health my asthma is controlled and has been stable for two months, I don't get chest infections, colds etc very couple of weeks.   Two months ago I struggled to walk my dogs for 20 minutes, two days ago I went for a two and half hour bike ride and I feel amazing.   

    Hope you get as good results as me.

  • Definitely. I would say I'm allergic to a number of things especially dust, grass etc but intolerant to many more. One thing that really doesn't suit me is products like drinks that say no added sugar. I feel awful and noticed my asthma gets worse. Knowing triggers really helps control symptoms. 

  • I would love to have my hubby tested properly as he developed allergies and anaphylactic reactions to something.  We did ask the surgery and they sent him to the hospital but they only said it would mould and sent us on our way. We then paid for one of these testing events at the local health shop and she said it was cow's milk and pineapple.  Would willingly pay if I could find a reputable person to do it.

  • How did you go about getting tested?

  • How did you go about getting your girls tested? I have asked my dr in the past and have been told my surgery doesn't do the tests.

  • Hi we paid for a lady called nutrition element it was about £40 each but well worth the moneyvifvyou go on Google and type in food intolerance testing and where u live there should be several pages who will do it in your area. My girls were 9 weeks premature and as they are multiples they are all effected by severe asthma and we are awaiting further tests to determine if there is an underlining condition but I do think there 'asthma' and allergies and intolerances are all interlinked as I know premature babies can't process lactose due to their snall intestine but although it was intolerance test we are going to ask out hospital who they are under on 3 monthly reviews to refer them for 'proper allergy' however will reduce and eliminate the food that they Re intolerant too and see if this makes a dramatic difference in their condition x thank you everyone for your replies I have never thought foods that I was giving my girls were also contributing to their symptoms x x

  • Hi there,

    Intolerance testing..... It's a minefield;0) The trouble is it's very confusing and I have to say not very reliable. Lots of people offer various forms of testing, often via health food outlets, but personally I have little faith in them. I have many food intolerances and have had since a child. The best, most thorough testing I had in hospital with numbered injections of various allergens. Everything came up and I was sick! In more recent times I've had the skin pricks and mouth challenges with varying degrees of success. Also having been stable for many years my alergies have varied in recent years which makes everything more difficult to monitor. It is difficult, but trial and error should eventually isolate the possible triggers. Dust, pets, dairy, they are all possibles. Good luck with finding just what does trigger your child. This is a great forum where you can share your experience and learn from us all.


  • I've never had allergy screening.  I did enquire about it in the late 1980s and was told that as I obviously had allergic rhinitis (if I remember correctly the consultant called it hyper allergic rhinitis) there was little point as it was unlikely allergy screening would show up everything I reacted to.  Then of course, there is the small matter of allergic reactions changing over time.  I do have a pretty good idea of what my current triggers are so I've never bothered to go into it any further.

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