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Update on 8 year old

Hi all just an update following my prev post, after spending all day at the hospital I got told its a virus and to let things take its time, the doctor was very rude, she had only one set of observations done on arrival as she didn't appear as an ill child. I ended up going back to my Gp today who has prescribed allergy meds, Montelukast, glycerine throat syrup and said she suffers with a chronic cough and it could be life long, she is no better what so ever so still lost as to wahts going on.

Were not due to see Paeds until July and Ent until October

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Montelukast is a very good drug & increasingly used as part of asthma management. The throat syrup may relax the muscles a little so see over a few days if you get an improvement.

In the meantime, if you can I'd start to keep a diary of symptoms & triggers so that you are "armed & ready" so to speak when you see ay specialists.


A chronic cough??!!! And that's normal??!!! I think you will know more when you get seen at the hospital.

It sounds like a long time until those appointments but they will come really quickly.

Hopefully if your daughter has allergies then the montekulast will help.

Sorry you haven't had many answers but I'm sure you will very soon,



thanks to both of you for the replies, she is on her best day today since last sunday still coughing and very black eyed looking, attempting to go back to school Monday as only four days left until Easter hols


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