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Hospital appointment

Hello my friends,

Now the specialist doubts I have had asthma maybe the LAM is the reason for respiratory insufficiency....joke 15 years later I hear I may have been misdiagnosed..anyway we are not changing any meds for now until we are sure.

So he didn't get all the blood test results just no diabetes no aids but immunity is low..He will call me with the rest and I am starting with 6 weeks of twice a week physiotherapy next week and I will have an appointment for a kidney scanner because those pulmonary cysts can be found in the kidneys as well.

The specialist unit in Lausanne is linked with Lyons in France and both research this LAM disease. They seem happy he is handling my case for now but if the blood test results are unsatisfactory they will want to see me he said.

So we meet again in 6 weeks and I link up with the GP for the rest of the results and any other problems.

Hope you are all having a good week.

Take care xxx

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Sounds like good progress. To be honest I rather expected the LAM to have been the cause of the respiratory issues rather than asthma, so I'm really not surprised.

Good luck with the physio!

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Thanks Georgie yes I was wondering as well..

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Good luck with the physio, at least now you have a diagnosis and they are going to treat nit appropriately!

Keep us posted on how you get on 💐😀 xx

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Thanks Stacey :))) it's kind of you!!


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