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Just seen on the news today about how the UK have illegal levels of air pollution and the government is being taken to court because the levels are so high.. This is something that is causing more deaths and and increase in lung disease. Diesel is the main culprit.

Asthma suffers are the most vulnerable, no wonder its on the increase and if the government are not willing to do something about it then they should give people free prescriptions.

They are throwing money at obesity as a killer but never mention Asthma and what they are going to do about dangerous levels of pollution.

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  • I agree all asthmatic s should receive free medication. As for air pollution I always check the met office for my town to see what the reading is for the day. Two or below I'm fine 3 or over I take care :-)

  • It said on the news today that our government is being sued by the European court because we have dangerous levels of pollution. So I dont know why that would happen if levels were low.

  • It was only a few months ago it was on the news that the levels were 5 and warning asthma sufferers to stay inside as it was dangerous. It is 3 again were I am so again will have to be careful. If car manufacturers were honest with the emissions it would help.

    Makes you want to laugh we have a diesel Volkswagen, but got it before all the fuss, but should I hold my head down in shame :-)

  • Is the met office on the council website I would like to see what it says for my area?

  • Hi Sharshy sorry for late reply. I Google air quality go to the met office site, and then type in your location. At the bottom of their report in a triangle is the air quality. Hope this helps :-)

  • Thanks for that info. I did find it but what confuses me is how can they forecast a weeks air pollution my area says 3 which says it is low, so dont understand why the government is being taken to court.

  • Not your fault, you were lied too, would you have bought the car if you had known it was making your asthma worse. I have written to my MP about pollution as the government seemed obsessed with curing obesity and now building health villages for them. What they seem to be overlooking is Asthma suffers have no control over their condition, fat people do and the government do do nothing about it. As we are getting more and more overcrowded it can only get worse

  • Yes they have been warned by the European Union for years,my brother had sent me this article about London pollution being worse than Beijing!!


  • Wow!! then they go on about how sugar,salt, red meat, cigs, alcohol is killing people. They spend a fortune on promoting this and ignore the fact we are all being poisoned. I have written to my MP and the tv because its about time they government tackled this.

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