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Finally saw a consultant today re asthma after years of steroids and exacerbations but no real treatment or review. He isn't convinced I have a diagnosis of asthma mainly because I DONT WHEEZE. He also wasn't bothered that I'm waking at night with my asthma. I honestly sat there speechless that as a consultant that was his reasoning to say I'm not asthmatic?! Sent me for bloods, histamine test and to review my peak flows over 2 months. Lung function test normal despite the technician commenting on wide variations in my performance.

Feeling abit lost now!

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Unbelievable Little Star!!Poor you!!

Was it a proper consultant? Because I got one or two locums before, I felt I knew more about asthma than they did. They hadn't bothered to read my file properly, one of them had the wrong file and it took me a while to click he was talking about the wrong patient.. Shameful..

This wheezing business is an old wife 's tale, you only need to read the Asthma UK website to understand that not all asthmatics wheeze!!

I only wheeze when I have bronchitis..usually it's tightness and shortness of breath for me.

On the bright side you are getting tests at least..patience my friend.. Do your 2 months peak flow recording, may be you'll get a different consultant with a bit more wits.

Take care xx


Hello I have to say I agree...I never wheeze apart from when I'm in need of a trip to the hospital! When I had my first review the asthma nurse was very dismissive as to whether i even had asthma and hadn't even bothered to check my notes that I had just come out of hospital with a life threatening attack, hence the referral to the asthma clinic..

At my last review I had done so much research I went in and told them what was happening and what I wanted to try so I could get this under control and get on with my life. So now I'm on seretide, monkelast, and just finishing a course of pred and this is the first month in about 6 that I feel I'm in control of it and the asthma is not in control of me.

Sorry just realised I've wittered on a bit 😉 Keep at it, record your peak flows etc., but my main advice is to do research and stand your ground with these doctors. It's difficult though when you feel rubbish.

Hope it all works out okay, keep us posted xxxxx


I had several appointments with the GP before I had a diagosis.

The consultant needs to let you know what the other possibilities could be.

Asthma responds to ventolin, measure peak flow before and after. An improved reading after ventolin would indicate your symptoms are relieved and point to a diagnosis of asthma.

I have no medical(other than first aid) training, but this is what I have picked up from my appointments.

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What Aubin says is correct; if you are responding to Ventolin then it's asthma. If you don't then the consultant should be looking for an alternative diagnosis.

Do some research, keep a peak flow chart for a few weeks and a diary of symptoms and triggers or possible triggers, then either go back or request a second opinion.

Good luck.


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