Hi this might sound a bit strange, I know 2 triggers that set me off coughing wheezing etc. hormones and cold weather and having a cold ( sorry I know I said 2 it's 3). I work as a catering manager in a school and today I cooked a big pan of curry, but I noticed as soon as I used the spices. Curry powder, chilli powder, pepper I started to wheeze any ideas ...

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  • Hi Lyngal, curry powder and spices are pretty strong smells. I bought some green fairy liquid and landed up reaching for my blue find out by trial and error what you can tolerate. Now before I buy anything I give it a good sniff. I am sure people think there's a batty old bid who's been let out :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks thought i was going mad. Only one problem the kids love my curry 😱

  • It may calm down in time. Bear in mind that your lungs are obviously still rather sensitive. I had an infection over Christmas that hit my asthma - not badly, my peak flow dropped and I needed the odd additional dose of ventolin and had to go on antibiotics, but to my mind nothing close to requiring oral steroids (though the GP I saw did mention that option). But even after I was better I found that things that do not normally cause a reaction resulted in me reaching for the ventolin. I don't normally react to the scent of lilies, for example, but I did after that infection. Things are rather better now: it's taken a while, but I think I am now back to where I was before the infection hit.

  • Thanks Maggie I hope so as I use lots and lots of spices when I'm cooking in work and at home

  • Hi Lyngal the powder content may make it worse it's like dust really it floats around..I have a problem with stronge cleaning products and worst of all fabric softeners, the smell turns my stomack upside down..Got something from the dry cleaner the other day and had to hang it outside the perfume was so strong. Why do they put so much perfume in those washing powders, I have to buy everything natural now,

    take care Lyngalxx

  • Hate strong smells my husband once poured an insanly strong chilli sauce down our sink i was coughing and i wasnt in the kitchen.

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