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My daughter has got asthma and last night she had an attack out of the blue no signs what we usually see ; her boyfriend saved her life she had 2 collapsed lungs and they had to insert tubes into her both lungs and her jugular to keep her alive what's caused this any 1 give me an answer of how or what and is this a common thing with asthmatics but we usually see the signs were a nebuliser is needed but nothing like this

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I'm so sorry to hear that. What a dreadful shock for you all. She is in the best place for now and hopefully receiving the best care possible. Try not to worry too much. Hopefully her doctor will keep a closer eye on her and she will have regular check ups. It is the nature of the beast to come on so strong without warning. Good luck and all the best. Try and get some rest today. Be strong and all the best to your family...x


Hi, im so sorry to hear that your daughter has had such a bad attack..there could be several factors involved if you daughter suffered collapsed lungs, but there is a chance if the attack was so sudden and so severe, that, like me, she has become a brittle asthmatic. l have severe brittle asthma and often get very little warning, and go down hill severely very quickly. If it turns out your daughter is now severe & brittle with her asthma..then as well as a general Asthma Management Plan, which is extremely important for all asthmatics and should be tailored for the individual, an Emergency Management Plan should also be made and put in place as brittle asthmatics do not get much of a warning and quick acting is essential. This Emergency Management Plan can be made and agreed between the patient (very important to have control) the Consultant/Specialist Nurse/GP and put in writing..any further info required on this just drop me a line.

I wish your daughter a speedy recovery.

Kind regards



Oh bless her hope she's well soon. It's things like this make you realise what a serious condition it can be xx


Sorry to hear about ur daughter hopes heroes ok x



I hope your daughter is ok, I'm sorry that you have had to go through seeing you daughter in such a condition its so scary.

I know exactly how you are feeling, my daughter has attacks for no reason whatsoever and they are usually during the night, they even happen in her sleep. I have had to save her life more times that I like to remember. It could be nothing that caused it, or she could have come into contact with one of her triggers unknowingly, the change in weather, the central heating or damp, dust, exactly what you hear from all the professionals. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it so it never happens again

Thoughts are with you



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