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Chest infections

So I got quite ill when I webt back to work from maternity leave. Afte4 a few weeks of it not going way and to the point my health was really bad I made an drs appiontment. They told me I had a "minor" chest infection and gave me an inhaler for my breathlessness (never been dignosed with asthma, but always had asthma-like symptoms). They also decided to book me in to be tested for asthma (finally!).

This test has had to be cancelled and rescheduled several times due to the fact that I still have my chest infections. Its been almost 2 months now, and I thought I'd finally shifted it this weekend in time for my wednesday appointment but it decided to come back with a vengeance Sunday (which was my birthday as well :().

My drs don't seem too bothered about the reoccurring/never ending chest infections but keep urging me to have the asthma test, which I can't do until my infection has cleared completely.

Anyone have an ideas on how to shift this damn thing, or even how to express to my doctors how concerned I am about this never ending chest infection. Its gotten to the point that I had a coughing fit so hard last week that injured the muscle in my right side to the point that I couldn't even move without being in severe pain, and I cannot take anything for it other then paracetamol.

Sorry for the long post.

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Are you sure this is a repeating chest infection? Maybe it is your asthma. Best of luck!


I have asthma and when I get a chest infection my gp prescribes an antibiotic


My gp seems to be anti-antibiotics unless they know its defiantly bacterial and not viral.


Hi AlexInferno,

I always told my asthma doctor that Im always getting a lung infection.....Sometimes Doctors don't listen....Specially when we know our own body and the symptoms we get.

I believe is a bacteria or viral. Regardless, you have to deal with it. I started researching on how to deal with infection without relying on antibiotics......Below is a reply I wrote to someone else on the community. I know that focusing on my immune system made a big difference for me.

Good luck and take care


I use Colloidal Silver occasionally its currently on my RESEARCH LIST. But I also use i26 immune powder...I have been a customer for i26 for years and I believe in this product and it works.

i26forhealth.com/pwold .

I only joined the wholesale membership because I can buy it at wholesale. Pretty interesting that no one has this type of product, because its patented. Read the research and FAQ to learn about it. Since I got my asthma...I have done lots of research on my own, you find a lot of hype but also the truth. I know taking this products helps my symptoms and from getting sick. The last thing I want for long term is rely on medication ONLY. We know that over use of antibiotics is not good for our health. Take some probiotics and digestive enzymes to get your digestive balanced again.

When you research about immune system..... Immune system is what keeps us alive, To HEAL and to keep us healthy. If your system is weak and out of balance, that's when we start having problems. It takes a lot to balance your immune system.

Doctors only know medication....in what they have learned from the medical field. Most Doctors will be negative about alternative medication or supplements. Because they don't know anything about it. The best thing for all of us is to do our own research for our own health.

My opinion and what I would do for my own health...focus on my immune system and how to keep it healthy. But don't stop there....keep learning on what will heal us and keep us healthy, That's a big topic.

My goal in joining this forums is to LEARN AND SHARE with others .

Have a blessed day


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