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Nothing seems to work

Hi this is my first post. My 13 year old daughter has suffered with asthma since she was 2 years old. For the last 2 years her asthma has flared up every two weeks resulting in her being given oral predisolone and having time off school as she is exhausted and breathless. These attacks no longer end up in hospital admission but are more frequent and disturbing her everyday life. Last year she missed 30 days of school. Her consultant advised that all her meds are adequate but she needs higher doses of predisolone when ill 80mg. Even though he has written to gp he will still only give her 40mg a day for a flare up!! I have been researching buteyko and have her booked in privately for first session on Thursday. Has anyone else tried this and what are people's experience of gp prescribing predisolone and levels. Wish something would help!!

Thank you

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my experience of pred and doctors is mixed some doctors will give me what in need straight away where as others will double my preventers first from experience this failis most if the time and my course of pred becomes higher and longer.

my average dose is 40 to 60mg on 60 i do not sleep and become very hyperactive.

the dosage of pred depends on the size and weight of a person so the doctor may be considering this and also causes many nasty side effects.


Both my consultant and my gp have told me the most they will prescribe for asthmatics is 40mg. When I was in hospital in a different area they put me on 60 mg and my consultant went bananas the next time i saw him. So I think different health care providers have different rules.

You could always try contacting the consultant, mine has written prescriptions for me before when I couldn't get a Drs apt quick enough to start my new stuff, so that maybe worth a go?

I hope your daughter starts to improve soon.



I use buteyko...all day. It does help but it's a commitment to be affective. I bought the book and DVD training. I also use a product that helps my immune system, you can get more info on the link ...

We know that a balance immune system helps our body to HEAL from chronic diseases. Let me know how your daughter does with her buteyko training. I really believe on this buteyko exercises.

Since my asthma came back from child hood, I have done a lot of research ....I will try to share what works for me.

Keep me updated....God Bless


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