Tired and not happy

What. A night I've had the shower leaked and a inch deep of water came into my bat as I'm right next door water all over my stuff slippers etc then the ladies in the bay snoaring all night so had no sleep at all I'm shattered isn't the word now on neb as breathing bad where I'm so tired and stressed and drinking coffee with the nurse can't clean the water up intill cleaners come needed pain killer due to pain as well in joints and back really not happy bunny hope everyone else has had better night have good day think I might b sleeping sorry for the rant

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  • Hi Tracey, im so sorry to hear about your bad night..being in hospital can be so stressful and exhausting...i hope the water gets cleared up quickly this am..im in and out of hospital quite often and totally understand how exhausting the experience can be. I hope the neb helped..i used to fall asleep on average between morning coffee and lunch..and again after lunch till pm cup of tea..it was the only chance i ever got to zizz..and the nights are so long..im wishing you a gentle nights sleep tonight..have a restful day..and wishing you a speedy recovery & home soon

    .Helen x

  • Oh Tracey you really seem to have such a tough time, I thought now you are in hospital things would be better for you. What rotten luck to have water leaking near you. Hope things now go right for you ♥♥♥

  • Thanks I'm not happy bunny I can tell u hopefully the day will get better

  • Oh no! I was going to mention yesterday that last time I was in hospital one of the ladies after having sedation because she was so worried about her operation the following day fell asleep on her back and snored for Great Britain. I had a radio and headphones but the noise came through that. Coupled with the fact the lights were on because some one was in trouble in one of the side wards. I eventually took my book to the loo and read for an hour. Sometimes hospitals are not the right place to get rest.

    Hope you get some rest today and your breathing gets better.

    Love and hugs



  • Hi yea that's what happened to me I had radio on and MP3 player and still hear her she's still snoaring now driving us mad in here I got visitors today and this evening so have to try and have a rest in between have a good day x

  • Hope you get some rest darling.

  • Going to try thanks all cleaned up now cleaner here X

  • Well that is something.

  • Sorry to hear you've had a bad night. Soon be Wednesday and they'll hopefully let you go home.

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